Friday, January 16, 2009

Ugh I hate mornings!

I hate mornings. No, I LOATHE mornings. Yet despite being off this morning I still got up at like 7:30 >.> Stupid internal clock.

I did have some oatmeal this morning, I found some in my cupboard shoved allllllll the way in the back (which is why I didn't see it) and ate that. I'm just now starting to get hungry so I'll be goin' to the store soon to get some food. I put a pot of chili on for dinner tonight. I love chili. It's probably one of my favorite crockpot foods besides maybe stew which I do have the stuff for and will probably make for tomorrow :)

I also found a relatively recent picture of myself to put up. My hair is much shorter now, but that's pretty much what I look like. The picture was taken in March of 2007 when we (my mom, my two "sisters" and myself) went to Arizona to spread my dad's ashes after he passed away. Some day here soon I'll dig out the camera instructions and figure out how to use the timed shot so I can take a picture of myself full body.

Anyway it's time to get up off my lazy bum and go grocery shopping. I also might clean out my car this afternoon (that in and of itself is a work out!) because it is downright gorgeous outside. I love the weather in this area I really do. So toodaloo for now. I started my little eating journal below. I'll update more as today goes of course.


2 packets of instant maple and brown sugar oatmeal
320 calories
4g fat
2 servings of Total Raisin Bran Cereal
1/2 cup 2% milk
401 calories
4.5g fat
HOME MADE CHILI! Yum yum one of my favorites! I'm not sure what the calories or anything are for a bowl of chili but I made it with the leanest meat (93/7 was the leanest I could find at my local store), one 60 oz can of tomato juice because I realized earlier this week I didn't have a blender to blend the stewed tomatos my mom usually uses, one can stewed tomatos, and 3 cans dark red kidney beans. Throw in some chili powder and walla. And this type stuff, the home made not packaged stuff is when I have problems knowing my count. I had a bowl and a half with a serving and a half of crackers and 1oz cheese. I didn't add any salt or anything. :)
1 large banana

1 weight watchers ice cream bar (was surprised how good it was!)

TOTAL FOR TODAY: Unknown...this whole eating foods that are home made is throwing me off...But I ate well and didn't "stuff" myself so I think generally I did good.

Some accomplishments of mine for today's eating.

**I didn't put any sugar on my cereal. I know cereal seems odd to eat for lunch but I hadn't ate since 7:30 due to really lack of food in the house and had gone to the store about lunch time and didn't get back until 2 and knowing I had a pot of chili that'd be done around 6 I didn't want to really eat anything large, so I had some cereal. I'm one of those cereal any time of day people. But the fact that I ate it without adding sugar is HUGE for me :)
**I didn't put any salt in the chili I made, just chili powder. I also didn't put any in when I got a bowl of it to eat, I usually like to load up the garlic salt and I know it's bad for me.

When I went to the store I also avoided picking up sunflower seeds. I love those things, but they're so very bad for me. I can't just eat one serving, I eat half of a one pound bag in a sitting without even looking. O.o

All in all regardless of what my "total" may be with the home made chili, I think I did well. I'm not hungry and will be going to bed here shortly, and tomorrow I'm making (probably) chicken Fajitas.


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