Thursday, January 29, 2009

The "Sub" is a lie....

So last night I got home and the BF was starvin' marvin and it would take a long time for me to get to the store and get the couple of pieces for dinner I needed to make dinner at home so we opted for what we thought would be a healthy alternative to eating McDonalds or Pizza Hut or the like. We got Quiznos. I got a regular classic club and a cup of brocolli and cheese. I was trying to decide if I was still hungry after eating the "small" portion of it (ie, half). I decided to look up the points value before I decided to eat the other half or find something else to eat and boy am I glad I did. A small Quiznos classic club sub is 14 points! I think I hit the floor! >.> With that and my cup of brocolli I had 17 points already for dinner. Yeah so no more classic club for me! lol. I fell within my daily points so no harm no foul but wow an eye opener. I wish I could find the subway here in town, they've got to be much more better (and I tend to like their chicken sandwhich with lots of veggies, plus they have a better veggie selection imo). Instead of eating the other half of the sandwhich I opted to have some applesauce and a small container of light yogurt and then later I had my normal WW ice cream bar. Much better and more filling alternative.

So, lesson learned, Quiznos sucks for points value. lol. But since I have been paying attention to that "full feeling" more, I was already trying to decide if I was honestly more hungry or if I was just needing to let it sit a little and then reevaluate. Comes in handy sometimes. :)

I'm also proud to post that I did indeed get up at the crack of dawn this morning and work out. I don't feel near as sore today as I did the first day and I'm feeling much more awake, and not near as "blah" feeling as I have the last couple of days. Since Wii Fit prompts you to weigh each day I went ahead out of curiosity, up .2, but considering the rather heavy meal last night and ate out for lunch... and the workouts I've done this week, m'eh no worries! :) I have 3 more days to work out for my goal anyway before the WI so I'm sure I'll drop it and then some, it's what I did last week anyway.

So keep at it! See ya'll later!



  1. Hi Fars :-)

    I decided that if we're going to eat out, I have to decide before we go what I'm going to have and know going into it how many points I'll have. I use a lot for the restaurant list cuz it saves time rather than looking up nutritional info at the restaurant website sometimes.

    Way to go for staying within your point range and getting some activity in. You're doing great! And thanks for the messages!


  2. Great job A) being mindful enough to stop mid meal to reconsider the impact of the intake, and B) getting up and working out in the morning. That is awesome!!!

  3. Well I knew I had quite a few points, but I didn't expect a sub from Quiznos to be much different from subway so long as you kept the condiments and such off. So I was expecting a 14 point meal including the soup, NOT expecting the 14 points for half the sandwich! >.<

    Oh well, it's not often I eat out, this week has really been the exception. I generally stick to eating at home because it's not only cheaper, but also better for me. I can control salt, grease and such at home where I can't tell how they make it at a restraunt.

    Thanks for the encouragements :)

  4. go YOU on the crack of dawn.
    I really used to loathe it....but then allofasudden realized I didnt mind so much any more and it became routine.

    whoda thought...