Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So I put in a bunch of my home recepies and I feel a little better now having a number to attatch to the recepie to see if it's "good" or not. If I go by the WW numbers, I was really under my alloted points of the 34 they give me per day. Of course, having to rush off to work did NOT help one bit. lol. So I ended up having to skip breakfast, and my jaw and tooth was really giving me problems yesterday after I had some dental work done, so I didn't really feel like eating too much. Food wise I only used 18 points, but my jaw and tooth was bugging me so much I decided to get a medium sonic cherry slush when I was out, hopefully to let the cold of the slush calm it down a bit, which it did. While that Slush was a full 6 points, I had used so little points that day I didn't feel bad about having it :)

This morning I managed to get in a breakfast before work, and had some raisin bran with milk which is 4.5 points leaving me a full 29.5 points for the day. What I'm going to eat is beyond me! >.> Sounds like entirely too many points! I have also come to the conclusion that I need to do some grocery shopping tonight. I think I have like 1 more meal left that I can make and that just won't do!

Anyway I don't have much else to put in here today. It's, so far, been very uneventful. The only other "event" I really have going on today is I'm trying to cut out my soda intake. I drink entirely too much soda. I don't care for our water here, I'll drink it but it's bleh, if I have (diet)soda in the house, forget it, it's the first thing I'll grab. So I recently ran out and had bought some water at the store, so I have started drinking that. So long as my headaches don't get too bad from not drinking soda, I hope to just stop drinking it. I'm tired of the 4 dollar a 12 pack cost and I can easily drink a 12 pack a day if I'm home all day. So yeah, not worth it to me.

So I'll keep ya'll posted. :)



  1. sounds like today is going much better. I'm glad.

    Soda and coffee drinks were the first thing i cut. I did it cold turkey. And yes, for a couple days after you stop, its going to be a bitch. But get through it. I feel much better for doing so.

    If you need something, get some carbonated water. no calories, no fat, etc.. but it still has that awesome carbonation burn. lol

    keep it up Fars..

  2. Soda is a great thing to cut out. I need to do it again. I stopped drinking it for a couple of months last year and felt much better, but old habits die hard...

    I've stopped cold turkey and had horrible headaches. I'm not sure if I'm going to wean myself off of it or just jump in and stop drinking it altogether.