Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My goals

Besides weight loss, I'm also trying to juggle a couple of other goals I would love to do this year. Obviously my biggest goal right now is weight loss. However, I am in debt (who isn't these days right?). My other goal is to be debt free in '09...well at least non-student loan debts, I don't count those at this point because THEY are not calling me all dang day for their money! lol. I've already taken good steps so far in becoming debt free. I do not live beyond my means, I do not own an active credit card, I save 200 bucks a month when able to now that I have a good job and no more massive emergency spending sprees (ie, plane trips to IL for a funeral). I've also eliminated 2 of my debts, small ones but gone none the less.

My other major goal is to read and write more. When I was in high school, I used to write stories all the time, and I could DEVOUR a 1k page book in a few mere hours. Now I struggle to write anything more than a paragraph at a time, and I can't seem to read more than a few pages without wandering off somewhere else.

In an effort to start that goal on the ball, I've recently bought a notebook that I bring to work with me, I jot down ideas, sometimes I even use the word processor at work to start writing, and I email it back and forth to myself (I'd use a jump drive but the usb ports on this old old computer is in the back and there's enough dust bunny countries back there to choke a horse). I also ordered 4 new books recently, The 4 first books of the Asian Saga by James Clavell.

So that's that! Sounds fun eh? :)


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