Saturday, January 31, 2009


So I tried out this new yoga pose last night while working out, and all I can say this morning is OWWW.....

When I did it, it was fine, I actually did it really well, didn't waver as much as I thought. Basically you stand on your tip toes and put your arms behind you as far as you can and hold it for like 30 seconds. Not bad. Did it three times, felt good to stretch like that.

This morning I woke up and my calf of my left leg is so sore I can't hardly walk on it, and my shoulders scream if I bring my shoulders back at all.

So instead of a really intense workout, I opted for cleaning the house. One it let my muscles relax for today and two it got my house clean...and believe me, it was a mess. I also had to take down 4 bags of trash today (and no not at the same time) so I had to go up and down the stairs 4 times, plus took my laundry to the car, hauled it into the laundry mat, back out to the car and back up the stairs. I also wandered around Best Buy a little bit to get a headset. Much more active than just sitting at my computer all day :)

I've come up with some rewards for myself, to keep me going. I've lost 5 pounds after this week, so I rewarded myself with a new headset (it's wireless!) for my computer. A little pricy but I needed one anyway.

My 10 pound goal I want to make getting a food weighing digital machine thingy. It's hard for me to guesstimate how much stuff weighs, like...steak after you cook it, ect. At my 10% goal I want to look into an hour massage somewhere. Beyond that, we'll wait and see.

I'm still learning this whole better this than that thing. I'm making much better choices than I would have in the past. For example, tonight I cooked up some thin cut steaks. I chose steaks that I couldn't see any fat visible when I bought them. I also cooked them with no butter (in the past I would've put butter in). I was going to make velveta shells and cheese but decided to find out the points value first (which is 8 per serving if anyone cares to know) and decided to go with the uncle ben's ready rice that is more like 5 per serving. Not that I didn't have the points for the velveta but that it was a better overall choice.

I am also (as I type) eating a thing of blackberry fat free Yoplait light. I have found that to be my favorite so far. And yes, I've tried the Keylime and no I didn't like it. I also tried the pineapple upside down cake and struggled to finish it, gross. But I keep trying new kinds. I buy 3 that I like and 1 unknown so that at least I still have a few to eat if I don't like the unknown :). I also have a small cup of Mott's Cinnamon applesauce sitting here waiting to be ate as well. Now if only I could get individual cups of veggies that don't cost an arm, leg and first born I'd be happy.

I will weigh myself tomorrow morning to give a monthly loss weight. Hopefully it goes down. I know this week has been odd when it comes to eating out, but I've done a lot more exercising too, so it should even itself out and give me a loss me thinks. :)

So I'm off for now, toodaloo :)


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