Monday, January 26, 2009

Drumroll please...!

Yes, you're reading it right, it's 5:43 in the morning. I'm awake, despite wanting to be back in bed, to weigh myself, work out, throw dinner in the crockpot and get ready to go to work. I'm so going to want to come home and go to bed tonight lol.

Anyway, so I weighed myself and I've lost.......

1.6 pounds!

Putting me at 280.2!

And with that I shall leave you to your day. It's time for me to go work out. Post more later, when I'm bored at work :)

Midmorning update:

So very bored at work. It's slowed down a ton since this morning. Oye. Right now I'm just kind of putzing around on the internet, wishing I could go outside for a walk or something. I so ran out of time this morning. It took me longer than I thought to exercise and hop through the shower, so I have opted to make a different chicken meal instead of the crockpot one. Asian Chicken Bake it is for dinner! :)

I had an awesome weekend. I got a few things accomplished over the weekend that had to get done, like switching my liscense to NM, and getting the ball rolling on switching my plates over...things like that. I cleaned up my kitchen, and started on the living room (I'll completely clean the house this coming weekend, it's going to be my goal!). I didn't really feel hungry or if I did it was a quick fix by eating something good for me. I drank plenty of water, I exercised. It was a good weekend!

So I'm going to set some goals for myself this week. Something that I can check off and say HEY I DID THAT! :)

1) Work out at least 30 minutes 5 times this week
2) Drink 4 bottles of water daily (equal to the 8 glasses they say is necessary daily).
3) Get my house completely cleaned (weekend job).
4) Go for a walk outside at least 1 time this week (provided the weather cooperates!)
5) Buy a pedometer

Not too bad of goals eh? I'm not going to put down a weight loss goal for the week. Whatever I lose is what I lose. No use in getting bummed because I didn't lose "enough". Plus I have to remember that as I start working out more, I'll build more muscle and will probably have a week or two where I gain due to the muscle mass increase. I've often gotten bummed over weeks that I gain, so gotta remember that. So long as I'm eating correctly and exercising, even a gain will even itself out. :)

Back to work I go!



  1. WOO HOO on the WL. Well done. And I love the goals, very doable! Good luck with that!

  2. Great goals for the week! I think it is so important to write them down so you can check them off as you accomplish them.

    Great attitude about looking at losses too. I need to get better at that.