Thursday, January 22, 2009

No soda O.o

Day 4 of my no soda-ness! Honestly, I don't think I'm missing it as much as I thought I would. Yesterday I had a bad headache, but I caught it before it spiraled into a migrane. I have more than enough water to last me until tomorrow. I've been drinking an average of 6 8oz glasses on weekdays. I try to push to get to that 4th bottle (which is 2 8oz glasses) as they suggest you have every day but on weekdays it's near impossible. I can't have a bottle of water here at my desk, per boss's request, and I don't often think to go snag a drink of the bottle I have in the back, so I only drink one bottle while at work, another at lunch with my lunch and then usually one when I get home. Weekends, though, I'm sure I'll meet and exceed that 8 8oz glass goal.

I realized sometime today that I haven't ate out all week. In fact, I haven't ate out since Tuesday of last week (which was Quiznos). I cooked stuff at home all weekend, and then this week I've cooked dinner or had left overs every night. The one night (last night) that I thought of eating out, I went to the store in search of a rotissary chicken, didn't find any except the lemon pepper ones, which neither myself nor the boyfriend like, so I opted to get some lean thin cut steaks and uncle ben's rice that you throw in the microwave for 90 seconds. Was a good meal. Considering I didn't get off work until 6pm and was in no mood due to my headache to cook, I think I did well. :) I had the biggest temptation from the other half bringing home McDonalds for lunch for himself (not expecting me to be home I guess) and I opted to have a single fry to have the taste but avoid all of the calories. Who says you can't eat just one right? :)

I'm not sure what I'll have for dinner tonight, it's just me. I may hit the store (got nothin' at my house to eat that's for sure!) and see if I can do my shopping tonight. We'll see how tired I am this evening I suppose. Tonight is also raid night for WoW which I'm going to help lead, and also my workout night. So I may just have to find something quick to eat so I have time to get home and work out before raid or I won't get a chance to tonight until late, which means I'll probably just fall asleep lol. I may see if I can't drag myself out of bed and go for walks in the morning. I love to go for walks, and walking really early in the morning may get me up and moving. We'll see.

I also need to be up and moving earlier in the mornings. I'm getting back into the habit of getting up at the very last minute for work and it's causing me to skip breakfast again. I am out of my granola bars here at work and I need to go get some more, but I'm starving today because I have none >.> Not a good thing. At least lunch is only an hour away :)

Anyway I'm going to jet. Ttyl! :)

Midafternoon update:

I had a "I'm proud of myself" moment this afternoon. When lunch rolled around, I had about 20 minutes to eat when I got home. Not quite enough time to cook anything but just enough time to peruse the cupboards and realize I still have nothing in my house but pb&j to eat. Then it hit me. I had some hot wings in the freezer, tyson ones I believe. I'd bought them a while back just before I went on this whole diet thing and I was like now that sounds good, something different. Then I looked at the package. I immediately threw them out. Ze boytoy won't eat them, he's not big on chicken with bones, so instead of running the risk of being tempted by them down the road and because I have an extremly limited freezer space, I threw them away. Plunk into the garbage. Why? THREE little wings were 220 calories and 15 (!) grams of fat. Thanks but no thanks. That's all, move along now :)


  1. Hi Amber! Don't you feel like you're doing something wrong when you throw food away? CRAZY! But way to go!! Do you have a crockpot? I love fixing stuff in my crockpot cuz it's yummy plus I always have leftovers to use for lunches and even dinners throughout the week.

    I can't go without meals. If I let myself get hungry, that's when I lose what little control I DO have!

    Hope your evening goes well and you have something tasty for dinner.


  2. Yeah I totally have and LOVE my crockpot. I use it mostly on Saturdays and Sundays to throw something in while I putz around the house. Then I have whatever's left over for leftovers the rest of the week. Problem was I ran out of chili by Tuesday and the stew meat I had in the fridge went bad evidently Monday. I had it out over the weekend to cook stew but forgot about it and was going to throw it into the pot on Monday but because of waking up late it kind of sat there. I didn't like the smell of it come Tuesday so out it went. I hate when I have to throw food away but I'd rather throw away a 3 dollar pack of stew meat than to take the chance in getting sick.

    I welcome any recepies ya'll may have for crock pot cooking :D