Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Temptation resisted....mostly.

My boyfriend is so thoughtful. He knew yesterday would be a busy day after work, that I'd be tired, and would probably not want to cook. So in his effort to alleviate my stress by cutting out dinner making, he bought El Parasol tacos on the way home. He bought 6, at one time that's how many I would eat. They're greasy, and oh so good, and 6 was what it took to fill me up. So I had 4 of them, and gave the other two to the confines of the fridge, for the boyfriend to eat today for lunch. I don't feel bad about having the tacos because I'd been so rigid on my diet the last 2 weeks that I not only savored every bite, but I had plenty of points left over for the end of the day and I made sure I had a serving of fruit with it and also put extra tomatos on the tacos themselves and onion. I also dabbed off as much grease as possible before eating them. They're not huge tacos either. Even with those tacos, I stayed within my daily points. Today I'm right back to my normal food choices and I had a bowl of total raisin bran and milk for breakfast.

I was going to work out again this morning but when I got up to go to the living room, I noticed the BF was sleeping on the couch. He does that from time to time. But it made it so I couldn't work out this morning without waking him up, so I opted to go back to bed for an hour and get some much needed sleep. Despite going to bed at 10pm, I was still just exausted when I got up this morning even with the hour extra sleep.

I may even go to bed early tonight. I guess it just depends on how I feel when I get home from work, I'm feeling very sluggish at the moment.

I'll post more when I'm more awake and not so sluggish.


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  1. I think the changes in lifestyle and food choices affect energy level. It takes a lot of attention, effort and focus to take this weightloss journey seriously. So be gentle with yourself and get some rest. Pretty soon you'll be bounding with energy after losing another 5 or 10 pounds!!