Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have followers O.o

Interesting concept that one is. I had an interesting lunch period. I generally walk (!) home for lunch from work (I live about 3ish blocks from work, why drive when it'd take me longer to get the frost off right?), however today we had a lunch at a local cafe called Pyramids that serves Greek food in celebration of one of our dental assistances' last day tomorrow so she can persue her dental degree. Do you have any idea how incredibly diffcult it is to FIND something good for you at a restraunt? I do not eat salads, I do as like ... an appetizer type thing that they bring out before your meal, but to just have a salad for lunch? Sorry I'd be hungry in hour. But not being knowledgeable in anything except gyros when it comes to greek food that's what I had for dinner. I had them put the sauce on the side, hoping that would help out a little on the calories, and I didn't eat but a very small section of the huge amount of fries that came with it (despite how good they were...) so I'm hoping I avoided mass disaster with that lunch lol.

And therein lies about a fourth of my problem. Finding out how many calories and such are in, if I make beef stew at home, and have a "bowl" of it, assuming I made sure it was one serving, how do you know what sort of calories and such are in that "bowl" of stew? ESPECIALLY if it's home made, that's usually where I fail hardcore. lol. It's one thing when you're buying from a package and can easily say ok it's got 4 servings, I had a 2 servings so divide it in 2 or multiply by 2 depending on if they give individual serving info or not.

I'm determined, however, to not make myself feel guilty for going out to lunch with co-workers (it happens very infrequently usually around birthday times and going away parties, which there's only 8 of us and most of them have been here for years and years and years so....) and rather just try really hard to be as healthy as possible of a choice depending on what restraunt was picked and go from there.

I might pull out the Wii Fit tonight depending on how I feel when I get home, and do some exercises tonight. I generally tend to exercise on the wii on the weekends, Friday Saturday and Sundays because I'm off. It's just so tiring to try to exercise as soon as I get off work considering I get off after working 10 hour shifts.

Speaking of which, I'm going to jet now. It's about 20 to 30 minutes before I'll get off today. We're actually getting out early, and I still have a small stack of charts to put away and a few other odds and ends to tidy up before the last patient gets here and leaves so I can get out of here as soon as that patient leaves :)

See ya'll soon, and thanks for following my blog!


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