Friday, January 16, 2009

I made it /cheer!

Ok, so I went to the grocery store. I've been straight up dreading it since I started this whole watching what I eat thing. Mostly because there's SO much in the grocery store you want to get and KNOW it isn't good for you! But I'm proud to announce....


I went into the grocery store with no idea what to cook for dinner next week, and walked out with about 5 good dinner meals (chicken fajitas, low fat taco fixings, stuff to make spagetti with, stuff to make beef and brocolli with, etc). I also walked out without buying any cake mixes, brownie mixes, cookies, doughnuts, candy (which was hard, I was in the checkout forever!), gum, or anything massively sugary other than the one box of weight watchers cookies and cream icecream bar thinges for desserts. I've found I've been craving something sweet and am afraid if I don't allow myself some sort of sweet thing once in a while I will end up buying cookies or something that's really not good for me.

I bought breakfast stuff (total raisin bran ftw, I love that shit!) and am good to go. I'm a little worried I won't have any lunch stuff but I honestly couldn't think of what to get at the store that wasn't chauk full of sodium (ham sandwhiches anyone?). I may have to deviate a little Monday through Thursdays and eat frozen dinners for lunch or something, I need to look into this conundrum of mine a little more. It has to be something quick because many times I have about 20 minutes tops to make something and eat it before I have to walk back to work, and yet good for me at the same time. And honestly, I can't eat PB&J sandwiches every day. Ick. Chances are if I make something the night before (like chili tonight) I'll have left overs but I can't always rely on that either. So quite the pickle I'm in.

Anyway I know I started a whole new post for it, but I wanted it seperate from today's other post. I shall allow you to go back to the regularly scheduled programming now :)



  1. Great job at the grocery store! I think you made good choices. It's so evil that the candy is in the checkout lane. Obviously, I like my chocolate too and now get my fix from fat free pudding.

    Thanks for your suggestion. I never considered baby food. It's hard to think of doing it, it's a really good idea and I think it would help. I might also mash up bananas on my own. I hadn't thought of that before. I think I'm going to make smoothies too.

  2. Horray, glad I could help! I wouldn't have thought of it either probably if my best friend hadn't had a baby recently and there was baby food jars all over my house from babysittin' her kid lol. :)

  3. It really was a good idea. Thanks again!

    I remember when my son was a baby. I remember looking at the baby food and it didn't seem so bad. :)

  4. WELL DONE!!

    Going to the grocery store anytime, with any money in my pockets can be a challenging thing. So to go in and come out crap free and loaded with healthy meals for the week - Awesome!

    p.s. - I love Raisin Bran too. Bollocks to those who hate.