Friday, February 27, 2009

No exercising for me this weekend :(

So starting a couple of days ago I developed like...little bumps on the underside of my foot, right on the ball of my heel. At first they just kinda itched, and which isn't entirely unheard of given my track record of horribly calloused feet (there's a reason I get a pedicure every 2 months, if I don't my feet crack and boy does that hurt). I didn't think much about it until I woke up yesterday morning and could barely walk and the little bumps had spread to my other foot now too.

So I made an appointment this morning for the doctor (I got here in a few minutes). My feet itch and hurt so bad to walk on it's horrible, so unless it gives up a little the most exercising I will get this weekend will include maybe some weight lifting (I Have 2 5 pound weights at home), and stretching.

My weekend is already pretty packed as it is. I have this Dr. appt this morning, an eye doctor appointment this afternoon (I so need new glasses) and then a trainer appointment on Saturday to learn the machines (I missed last Saturday's, I didn't realize what time it was until I was 20 mins late), and then a nutrition appointment with the trainer on Sunday. Talk about lots of stuff to do aye?

Not to mention I have an assignment that's due on Monday that's driving me bonkers. I can't find any of the terminiology I'm supposed to look up in any of the chapters we're supposed to read. /sigh

Oh well, off to my appointment I go. I'll update later.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm glad...

...that I don't keep junkfood in the house. And that I was too tired and feeling too lazy to go out and get anything too. lol.

I found myself perusing my cupboards and my fridge last night at least 4 times that I can remember. I'm not sure why. I don't know if it was because I was just tired, or bored, or hungry or what, can't put my finger on it but I had the munchies and luckily for me I had nothing in the house to munch on! lol. Don't get me wrong, I have food in my house, chicken, beef, pork, veggies galore, yogurt, applesauce, all sorts of things. But it wasn't what I wanted (whatever that may have been), and what sounded good I wasn't willing to add those calories onto my day so...the fridge was shut, the cupboards closed and back to my computer I went.

I need to invest in some cheese sticks. I didn't buy any this past time at the store (I was in a hurry) and I think that may have been what I was looking for last night. I wanted something kind of salty tasting (so the applesauce and such was out), but really didn't have anything that qualified that wasn't like a thing of Dinty Moore beef stew (curse my mom for leaving the 2 she bought and didn't eat with me).

Oh well, such is life. There's a reason I don't keep junkfood in the house, and that'd be it :)

On a completely different note, I have been using this pedometer just about every day (forgot it at home on Monday) and I realize that I don't walk around hardly at all, even when you count my walking back and forth to work. Yesterday I logged a whole 3500ish steps. That's pathetic! I need to figure out how to put more walking time under my belt everyday or something. I'm usually so tired after work that I put together dinner and I'm ready to just chill. You'd think that with a job of sitting down all day that I wouldn't be tired, but I DO work 10 hours a day, sometimes more and after I get dinner done all I want to do is kick back and relax before I hit the sack around 10pm. I can't JUST work out on the weekends. Weekends I'm usually catching up on things that need to be done (housework, homework, etc) that I don't have a lot of time or willpower to force myself to do during the week, and while I do often go Friday Saturday and Sunday to work out to me it seems like that's not enough or something I dunno.

I have found some good recepies though! I plan on making this one tonight for dinner again (we had it about a week or so ago):

Quick and Easy Chicken, Broccoli and Brown Rice

1tbsp. vegetable oil
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 can (10 3/4 oz) Campbell's Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup (I use 98% fat free)
1 1/2 cups water
1/4 tsp. paprika
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
1 1/2 cup uncooked instant brown rice
2 cups fresh or frozen brocolli flowerets (I use frozen so I can make beef and brocolli from the same bag)

1. Heat Oil in 10" skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook until well browned on both sides. Remove chicken from skillet.
2. Stir soup, water, paprika and black pepper in skillet. Heat to a boil.
3. Stir in rice and broccoli in skillet. Reduce heat to low. Return chicken to skillet. Sprinkle additional paprika and black pepper over chicken. Cover and cook 5 min. or until chicken is cooked through and rice is tender.

Yum yum! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something I've noticed

A lightbulb moment if you will.

Have you ever ate well for so long that if you DO decide to eat something that may not be too good for you it makes you downright ill? I'm sure everyone is going to say "Oh meeeee!" I was just thinking about how I used to feel all the time vs. how I feel now. Sure I'm probably a little more tired in the mornings (lack of soda!), but I no longer feel sick every day. In fact, I've found that so long as I hop through the shower in the mornings I'm MORE awake than I ever was when drinking soda. I have had a sprite or two since giving up soda, but that's a far cry from the 12 pack diet dew I was drinking almost every day. It's usually when I go out to eat that I'll have a sprite. If they don't have sprite, I drink water. I'll have one sprite and then I'll ask for just water refills. And then there's many other times when I just ask for water period. All depends on my mood, the occassion, etc I suppose.

And to think that most people eat this way (including myself until this year) and feel sick yet ignore it. I remember many a day when my stomach would be upset and I'd shurg it off no big deal. I really notice it now because I don't feel that way all the time! I've been eating pretty well since my mom left. I had a really good dinner last night. I bought some of those Frenches fried onions and rolled chicken tenders in some egg that I seasoned, and then into the fried onions. I made half the pack onion heavy for D and the other half onion light. It worked out well. I'd have liked them a little crunchier but m'eh, not bad tasting for my first try at making them. I made some homny to go with it, just a dab of light butter so it wouldn't stick and let it cook for a few minutes. Was yummy. I had an orange afterwards for a fruit, had my full 8 glasses of water over the course of the day.

I was also thinking about something else today, that was brought up in one of my master's degree classes. One of the other ladies was asking if going to the graduation ceremony was really worth it or if it was more like the high school ones that were m'eh at best (I personally skipped mine, I graduated in August of 2000 instead of May 2001 with the rest of my class and didn't go back for the graduation). Anyway, I was thinking about how a couple of months ago I wouldn't have wanted to go. It's mostly because of my weight, as much as I would sit there and deny it. Flying on an airplane, having to sit in a fold up chair for long periods of time, etc. It was just something I really didn't want to hassle with. But now that I'm losing weight, knowing that I have a full year until I get done, and about another 3 months after that to actually go to the graduation makes me want to go. Maybe I'll even be down to my goal weight by then eh? :)

But yea, just something I've noticed, recently. I've got some work to get done and homework to work on here before I get off this afternoon, so I will have to end it here. I hope everyone has a great day!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Another weigh in day!

Interestingly enough I was pleasently surprised today at my weigh in as soon as I crawled out of bed. I'd expected a rather even weight or maybe a slight loss considering how much I'd ate out with my mom and the fact that this weekend I was just so tired for some reason...I barely exercised. Instead I hopped on the scale this morning and was slapped with a 1.9 pound weight LOSS. >.> I'm very happy. That puts me at over 12 pounds lost since 1/9/09. I'm starting to notice it a little in my clothing finally. My brand new bras that I just bought at the beginning of this year sometime are actually roomy now. I may have to retire the shirt I'm wearing today soon because it was a little big when I bought it (as I often do buy my shirts a little big) and now it feels *TOO* big. The kind of shirt feeling that you know everytime you shift your weight your bra strap shows? Yeah, I hate that. I also need to buy new pants. I have one pair of jeans (they're stretch) that fit me comfortably now and then even my dress slacks that were a little big are getting to be too big. I hate clothes shopping. I can only hope I'm in a definent size rather than being inbeween. I hate it when I'm inbetween, when the next size down is too small but the size I'm at is too big. lol

So I made a new weight loss challenge for me, 261 by St. Patrick's day. I was at 274.3 when I decided the goal weight, and it gave me exactly 31 days to get there. My original goal when I first joined WW was just 264.5, so if I can at LEAST make that by then I'll be happy. Even if I don't, well, then I don't, but 261 is what I'm shooting for. I also made a goal of 10 points per week starting this week. I didn't do it for last week because I knew it wouldn't be a regular week. With the addition of a pedometer it should be much easier for me to track the little things I do every day beyond my normal walking. My new pedometer has the ability to allow me to count aerobic minutes. Meaning I either walked at 60 steps a minute or I walked for at least 10 minutes continously. I'm only going to count those when it comes to getting my points in. The rest I'm considering "normal" walking for the day.

It's so nice that it's getting warmer outside. It means more ability to walk outside during the evening. :)

Anyway back to work I go!


Friday, February 20, 2009

A late night....or early morning?

Well, I took my mom to the airport yesterday. It required me getting up at 4am and of course, I couldn't sleep the night before, I usually can't when there's something important going on the next day. Needless to say after I got back home about 1pm or so, I was exausted. I stayed up until about 5pm but I just couldn't stay up anymore so I crashed...until just now. Ugh I hate being on an oddball sleep schedule! My mom made it back safe and sound with the kids right on schedule, she said it was a pretty uneventful day as days go when it comes to traveling. I'm glad.

As for me, I'm glad it's uber quiet today. It's been a while since it's been this nice and quiet for me as usually I go to bed long before D does so I don't get any quiet time like this unless he's at work, then my phone is usually blowing up.

I'm back on track now, completely, with my eating. Although I ate out most of last week, I haven't gained anything, and lost .4 already. Good to know I can pick good for me food while eating out. Stuff that I picked that wasn't so good for me I just ate in moderation, it seemed to work. I think tonight (today?) I'm going to get some of my homework done and then hit the sack again early this morning, get a little nap in and try to get back on my normal sleep schedule.

So until later!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Almost over!

Well my mom's vacation is almost coming to an end, and while I love my mom and cousins to death, I'm ready to go back to my own routine. This whole eating out and such has me tired, irregular and just plain ready to go back to eating well again. Not that I'm eating un-well, but well, you know, at home I can control portions better, what kind of oil I use, etc, and I can't do that when I'm eating out. Plus I hate spending money and when my mom's around I seem to spend a lot of it. I've already spent my check that I just got on Monday between bills, stuff that I wanted and food...thank god for tax returns!

My mom is so supportive of me though. She bought me a Wok, and a good George Forman electric grill thing to use at home and a spice lazy susan for my counter and a thing of small 1/2 cup containers so I can split up fruit and stuff easier. Not to mention my Valentine's day gift was a new better homes and garden basic cook book and I also went to the store and got an easy to cook WW cookbook and an illustrated cook book that has the basics of cooking (such as how to poach things, steam things, etc, dunno how to do all that myself).

I'm just ready to go back to being at home more, exercising more, and chillin' out in a nice quiet room with D. :) I've missed him! lol. I'm sure he's missed me too, he's had to fend for himself pretty much most of the week...we've gone and ate at some places like Osaka's that he can't stand to go eat at because of the smell (fishy smell ick) or doesn't like the food.

And with that I'm going home. I'm at work right now, the girl covering for me had somewhere to be tonight and I'd told her if there were any additions to the schedule for today I'd come in, so here I am. But the day is almost over, I just have to close up shop after this patient leaves (sounds like they're almost done) and off to home I go!

See ya 'round!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A quicky!

Hey! Just popping in to say hello to everyone. I have been very busy the last few days, hanging with my mom and the kids. We've been to the Zoo on Saturday, went to Santa Fe to go shopping on Sunday and she met D and his family on Sunday night when we went to Olive Garden. On Monday we went back down to Santa Fe where I got a new phone service because my old cell phone was on the monthly plan (no contract left) and was old, and falling apart and there's no towers out here for that service so I had to pay extra for national service ugh. So I got Verizon cuz it's about the only thing that gets reception up here on the mountain and the phone is a nifty maroon color that flips up so you can type with it. Pretty neat I must say.

Anyway. We had a really nice home cooked meal here at home with me and the kids, D and our friend Ken and Robin. They drove up from Albequerque or however you spell it. Was a blast.

Today I'm going to see if I can't commender the SUV that D has and take the kids to the Four Corners, so they can stand in 4 states at once. They're all excited. Dunno if we can make it, requires driving through the mountains and who knows what it's like up there, but we'll try it. Worst that happens is we turn around and come back home. :)

Tomorrow is really the last day I have with my mom because they leave to go back to IL on Thursday mid morning and most of the morning will be spent getting them together and into the car and to the airport. But it's been a fun visit so far. I know if she does decide to move out here D and I will have to fly back to IL to help drive because she'll have a big UHaul and the car so someone's gotta drive something! lol. It'll be a long drive, it's 19 hours to here from there. Oye. Was bad enough when I drove 16 to get from Texas to here (Texas is HUGE when you drive across it!)

So yesterday was my official weigh in. I was kind of worried what the scale would say because of mom being here and eating out so much, but surprisingly I lost more weight than when I weighed myself earlier this week for the end of the challenge. From 2/9 to 2/16 (which is one week) I lost 2.4 pounds. In fact when I put my weight into the weigh in thing at WW, it "yelled" at me and said 2.4 was too much for one week. M'eh, it is mostly because of how much more active I've been! I'm sure some of it'll come back this week, I've been eating out more and drinking less water but walking around more so I dunno how it'll affect me, but I'm doing the best that I can and that's all that matters to me. It'll come off again easily because I am really watching what I'm eating, and not just going hog wild.

Anyway it's about time for me to pick them up for the day, so I'm gonna get outta here.

Ya'll have a good day!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh the evils of eating out!

Whew! Today was a long day! I picked my mom and cousins up from the airport and we went to the ZOOOOO! I'd have pictures but my dumbass forgot my camera in my friend Ken's car! Anyway, so we had a blast, we walked around for close to 3 hours, got on the train, rode it to the aquarium where we walked for another HOUR in the aquarium before we had to catch the train back to the zoo and then get in the car and go (it was getting a little windy and chilly by then). We also decided to eat something as a hold me over while we were in the park and my mom got fries, I had exactly 5 fries. I stopped there, and had one bite of my cousin's pretzel bread thing and a bottle of water. I avoided the temptation to eat much there knowing it was all fried food, and not good for me. We decided to go to eat as a finisher to the day and they chose Golden Corral as the dinner spot...all you can eat steak buffet....


I was a good girl (mostly) tonight. I had a 3 oz (roughly, maybe 4) piece of grilled steak, less than 3 oz piece of pork, about 3 fork fulls of santa fe rice, a small helping of lasagna (about half the size of a pack of cards), 3 fork fulls of mac and cheese, a roll and a full helping of green beans and corn and about half a helping of steamed brocolli (all they had out at the time). I also had dessert, which was a piece of carrot cake but I ate the cake and left most of the frosting. There was a hint of frosting inbetween the 2 cake layers and that was enough for me frosting wise.

I am pleasently surprised. I did not stuff myself. I did not make absolutely horrible choices. I tried to limit my intake while still enjoying the foods I like. Let me put this into perspective for you. Prior to tonight I would've gone up for at least a 3rd if not 4th plate. I would eat mostly meat, fried chicken, porkchops, roast beef, steak....I would have mashed potatoes, gravy and god only knows what else, no veggies and a big helping of ice cream with lots of toppings to finish the night. By spreading my food out on my plate in small segments I cut down my food intake. I made myself think I had more on my plate than I really did!

Was it a lot of calories for the day? Perhaps. Obviously I can't count my points. But having walked around so much all day, I think I worked most of it off before I even got there! lol. In the end I honestly think I made pretty good choices when faced with such a daunting array of food and a good portion of it not being all that good for me.

Well, it's late. I'm tired. I have to pick up my mom and the kids tomorrow morning early, we're going shopping. :) So, until my next post!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Last post for a week! (probably)

So I thought I'd post one last time before I jet, got a lot to get done still but I'm giving myself a mini-lunch break. :)

I hit the ground running this morning at about 7, didn't bother with my usual morning shower because I knew I'd jsut be going to work out and want to shower again when I got home. By 8am (after breakfast (Cereal and Milk) and a bottle of water) I was standing in front of the DMV waiting for it to open so I could get my plates switched. Got that done, came back home and cleaned my entire kitchen including the stove, inside of the fridge and microwave, and then picked up any trash/extra stuff laying around. Just have the bedroom and living room to tackle and vacuum and I'm done with the house. I'm waiting until D (the BF) gets one so that I can get him to help me bring the stuff up out of my car. I'd do it myself but going up and down the stairs so much gets me very winded, I'd rather NOT have an asthma attack kthxbai. Good for me yes, in moderation, I'm not in that good of shape yet. But I have brought up 2 things out of my car so far today, from both times of going out and coming home, gotta go up the stairs anyway might as well carry something right?

Anyway, so about 10:45ish am I ran to the gym, did a 45 minute walk at 2.5 speed alternating between 3 and 4% incline. My legs were jello after. Did a little stretching, hopped back in my car, swung by subway (rather than go do grocery shopping on a hungry tummy) and came home to eat. I got a foot long oven roasted chicken with lettuce, tomato, onion and black olives, and one thin swipe of light mayo (about a tbs I'd guess) and a bag of baked lays potato chips. I've noticed when I get a foot long it's too much but not enough with just half. I decided to try the baked chips today to see if that helped and it did. I get the foot long cuz they're 5 bucks right now vs. the 4.02 for a 6 inch. I save the second half for later, whether it be lunch the next day, dinner tonight, whatever don't matter, still good :)

So next on my to do list today is to finish up the house, bring up my stuff out of the car, go to get some groceries for D so he has something to eat while I'm gone most of the time this coming week and do the laundry >.> HATE LAUNDRY but it needs to get done :)

I have some pretty heavy duty stuff planned this week, my mom is flying in tomorrow morning around lunch time. Me, her, the girls, my friend Ken, his wife Robin and their daughter "'Stina" are all going to go to grab a quick bite to eat and then to the.....ZOOOOOOOO!!!!! XD 2 to 3 hours of walking fun woo! After that I dunno, maybe we'll hit up some shopping or something, some other sort of sight with them. I think it'll be a blast! :) I'm SO taking my camera, so be prepared for pictures! lol.

Anyway, I leave now to go get some stuff accomplished. I may post again, especially if I have pictures, we'll see. I know that my mom has to go back to the hotel to sleep sometime (unfortunately my one bedroom apartment is not NEAR big enough to house all 5 of us by far and so my mom opted for a hotel room). So maybe when I come home if I"m not dead tired, I'll post stuff.

Until then!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

A mini-weigh in

Today marked the end of the challenge on WW, so I had to weigh myself to get the final tally. According to the Wii Fit I'm at 275.1, my own scale that I've had forever (and wanted to see how far off it was) said 274.6. But I'll be good and take the higher of the two numbers. :) I am .1 away from the 10pound mark. woot!

I've been really worried about when my mom comes, what we're going to do, eating out, her meeting the BF (yikes!). You see, my mom, because of all the trials and stuff we went through as a family with my dad, is kind of hard to read and get along with. Don't get me wrong, she's the nicest person ever, and would drop everything to help anyone. But she's got this...gruff bubble exterior you have to get passed, and she's a huge into religion and so sometimes jokes and stuff don't really fly with her. Basically she seems to be like a "witch" but only until she lets her wall come down a little. I'm not too worried about boyfriend not liking her because, frankly I don't think he'd care one way or the other. I'm not worried about my mom not liking him because she knows I'm happy and so she will be happy if I'm happy. I just want everyone to get along! The whole mother in law thing horror stories I've heard, don't want to be a part of that! lol. What's nice is when I first mentioned my mom was coming I didn't get the usual "Where is she going to stay" response I was expecting. My BF surprises me all the time, I guess I've just had a lot of duds in my years of dating lol. He just asked when, and for how long, and when her flight was getting in, if I could have Ken (our friend) take me to the airport since she was coming in so god awful early...But never once did he balk about it, or complain about it, sound annoyed or anything. Was nice. :)

I have so much to do tomorrow OYE! I have to get my plates for my car done, work out (Friday through Sun are my Y days), get some semblence of groceries in the house for BF to have something to eat while I'm off galavanting with my family, finish moving the stuff up from my car, finish my homework assignment that's due on Monday, possibly clean out the BF's truck if I get ambitious, and clean up my house. Wow, I have a lot to do! lol. Maybe I better start tonight while the BF has his daughter...

So anyway, I'll probably "disappear" after tomorrow. Fret not, I will not have fallen off the bandwagon, I'll just be incredibly busy :)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Morning time it is!

Ok, much better. :) I forced myself to stay up until 8pm last night, so I wouldn't be going to bed too early and getting up way too early and I slept from 8 until I crawled out of bed at 6:30 this morning. I probably could've slept longer if I didn't have to come to work that's just how tired I was.

But I'm much more awake this morning, by far, than I was yesterday. Yesterday's utter lack of sleep messed up my points day though, that's for sure. I was too tired to get up and eat breakfast, too tired to mess to much with lunch (ended up with 2 pb&j's) and too tired to eat much for dinner either (subway sandwich!). Going into dinner I'd used 12 points for the day, and I had a 6 point sub. Bringing my total to like around 18, out of 32. So I was 14 points short yesterday...not cool. But one odd day isn't going to kill me. Shockingly enough when I woke up this morning I wasn't really hungry either, so I opted for a granola bar and 1/2 cup of milk (something I could quickly eat since I was running a little behind), and off I went.

So I'm getting excited. I just work today and tomorrow and then I'm off for a week and my mom is going to be here Saturday morning. I have SO much stuff that needs to be done. I need to finish bringing up the stuff out of my car, and get it washed and vacuumed out (winter is not kind to the inside of my car, especially this year when we got dumped on twice, lots of dirt and rocks and stuff that was at the bottom of the snow got stuck to my shoes and into my car it came). I also have to pick up my house a bit, it's relatively clean, but by Friday I'll have a few dishes to do and stuff, and I need to vacuum and dust again. I'd also like to get a coffee table before she gets here. We don't have one right now and it'd be nice to have one. I"ve been wanted to get one but just haven't. I also have to go on Friday and switch my plates (FINALLY). They had to send off for my title or something (I still have a loan on it) and they called to say that it came in. That's good considering my Texas plates were set to expire at the end of this month. :)

Here's to hoping I can stay OP when my mom's here! lol


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of those days...

Short post today folks. I'm having a good day food wise, water wise, but I plan on going home, eating half a subway sub and going to bed. Last night I think I finally fell asleep about 3:15am and the boyfriend was still awake when I got up for work this morning at 6:30am. Why? I dunno. I was sorta tired when I laid down, my boyfriend said he wasn't tired so he was playing the playstation that's in our bedroom. Doesn't bother me to have music or game stuff playing in the background when I'm trying to go to sleep. I actually find it relaxing. You know how most people complain video game music is too redundant? Well it's good sleeping music lol.

We were just kind of laying there joking and then all went quiet and...nothing. Couldn't sleep. I tossed, I turned, he even gently "woke me" at one point because he said it sounded like I was having a nightmare, don't remember. Needless to say no real sleep came to me. real creative juices flowing today folks (as if there are most times lol), I'm going home to get a much needed long sleep.


Monday, February 9, 2009

The little things...

Have you ever noticed the little things in life are what gives you the most pleasure? I have several "little things" that really give me pleasure in life...

Joking with patients as they come into the office. I really enjoy bringing a smile to someone's face.
Being supportive of the ones I love most, including my BF, unconditionally.
Enjoying a nice hot cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day.
Playing with a puppy or kitty.

The little things. They're also a huge motivator for me when it comes to weight loss:
Making my mini-goals (even if it takes a little longer than planned)
Seeing the number get bigger of what I've lost.
Knowing that regardless of the change in weight, I'm making overall better choices in food.
Wanting to wow the people in my family when I go home to visit
Being able to throw away clothes that don't fit anymore (and I mean they're too big on me).

It's the little things we take for granted every day in our lives that I really strive to try to enjoy. My dad's death at 51 taught me so much. It taught me that any day could be your last, and that you need to enjoy your time while you can. Once I got past the initial heart ache and anger of him leaving, I've really started to realize priorities in my life.

I have come a long way in the past 3 years, I used to get so mad at the stupidiest things, upset with myself over things I couldn't control. Get angry with my dad over things HE couldn't control about his medical conditions. Angry about past things that bothered me that obviously couldn't be changed and were making me miss out on the PRESENT things that could be changed. I've learned to really enjoy today because tomorrow may not come.

So I'm viewing this journey of mine as a little "big" thing. It's a little step in the right direction. A step that will allow me to more fully enjoy life. Not be winded walking up and down the stairs of my apartment, to be able to freely chase my children (whenever I have some) around, and who knows what else. Each pound I lose is a little thing. All those little things will eventually add up into a very big little thing I call the skinny me.

Are there going to be bumps in the road along the way? Undoubtedly. But for now, I am relishing the little acomplishment I've had of going a full month of thinking of only my health and not of what other people think of me. Of stocking my house with nothing but good for me food, and of the "not so good" food, resisting eating. Of enjoying the support I get from my BF and the support I give him every day with his own problems he's having.

I hope you too can relish in the "little things"


Weigh in Day today!

Today's the weekly weigh in day for me, and I'm down 1.7 to put me at 276.7 pounds. Without even realizing it, I've met my goal I'd set a full week early from weight watchers. I joined a small group of people looking to lose at least 50 pounds this year, and we do mini goals each month (weight loss or otherwise). I'd put my goal to be down 5 pounds (to 277) by Feb 13th, which, when I set it was an average of about a pound a week. Something to start me small, very attainable and easily able to boost my confidence. The fact that I reached it almost a week ahead of schedule excites me.

I had a pretty good weekend, I met some of my goals, and those that I didn't well, I just didn't and it doesn't really upset me. I had a lot of fun this weekend and made the choices I did and that's that, no use in getting upset about something in the past. I easily drank all my water, it's getting easier to squeeze it in, especially at night. I did try out one new recepie this week, girlfriend of mine sent me a wendy's chili knockoff, I made it over the weekend it was really good. But for goals met that's where it ends. Sorta. I didn't exercise as much as I would've liked to this weekend, but I DID manage to get my car cleaned out of all the trash and some of the stuff brought up before it turned cold again. I DID manage to sign up for the YMCA AND use it on Saturday, and I DID manage to get my laundry done, house cleaned up, kitchen spotless AND all my grocery shopping done in one weekend! So for not getting the homework done, or getting the cardio exercising in for 4 days (I did 3) I think I got a lot accomplished otherwise.

Besides that my weekend was filled with pushing to get my paladin to level 70 on WoW (she was 63 on Saturday) and I had a blast doing it! So I did a lot of work and some play time and I feel good about that. I still lost 1.7 this week, and that's good. Not too fast, not too slow, just a good pace.

On another note, I can no longer wear my pants. That's right, the jeans I love so much are just too big. I constantly have to pull them up, and even with a belt they don't feel right. So ... I'm putting them on a hook on my door to my bedroom to remind me of just how big I was and where I DON'T want to go back to. I still don't see any changes in myself, except those pants. My shirts pretty much fit the same, those pants were just too big to begin with so it didn't take long before I had to retire them. But I'm ok with that. I've lost over 8 pounds already, which is good. I'm shooting for the 10 pound mark this coming weigh in if I can. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. I have to be very careful when my mom comes to visit because I don't want to gain it all back. But I'm sure she'll have me pretty busy walking around a lot while I'm here, so who knows, maybe I'll lose some while she's here. :)

Anyway, I hope today finds every one well! I'm off to go finish some work up here at work and (ugh) work on my homework assignment >.>


Friday, February 6, 2009

A successful day

Today was a successful day! It was beautiful outside, so I cleaned out my car (just have to bring up the non-trash) in anticipation of needing it cleaned out for when my mom comes to visit. I also went to the Y and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I walked for 10 minutes at a 2.0 pace and then the last 10 minutes at a 3.0 pace (which I will say was kicking may ass at the end of it) and then the other 10 minutes were a warmup/cooldown. I also did some exercises on my Wii, fixed dinner, did the dishes and am now relaxing. Dinner tonight consisted of lean cut center loin cut porkchops (no bones) with augratin potatoes and peas. It was quite yummy. Only time I can cook porkchops is when the BF isn't home, he's not a huge fan of them, he'll eat them but why cook something he'd rather not have aye?

Oh, and I got my hair cut! :) I also found the book to my camera, hopefully I can figure out how to take timed pictures.

Beyond that, it's just another beautiful day. Hope it finds you well :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009


I went to the YMCA today and signed up for membership. I'll start going tomorrow. Would've went today but it was impromptu and I don't think I should be working out in work clothes and high heels :P

It was 88 dollars for today but that's ok. It'll be worth it so long as I use it. :) It makes me happy to know I can go use the treadmill and such. I also set up a fitness eval and orientation for the 21st. She's already booked this weekend and next weekend my mom is in town so so much for that idea, but next weekend after that I'm available :)

So anyway that's all for now, keep checkin' back for more lovely posts from meeee! :)

After being as diligent as possible on this new lifestyle of mine, chinese food last night was heaven. Sure I've ate out a couple of times, but Chinese food is my ultimate favorite food. I ordered a bunch of different types of chinese food cause it was me and the boyfriend eating it, and had a little of everything. I hadn't gotten a chance yesterday to eat breakfast, and my lunch was only 6 points, so I had like 27 points left for the rest of the day. Before I went to get the food, I researched the point values on WW of the stuff I was ordering and when I got home I measured out the portions that corresponded with the points I researched earlier and oh I was so in heaven, happy and full. :) I used 24 points on dinner (NOT something I normally do) and saved the last three for a snack later in the evening if I so chose (which I did have a cheesestick about 8pm). Best dang use for the 24 points in a long time lol. Yes, I realize chinese food is full of sodium, and yes I know it's not the most healthy choice, but if I don't live once in a while by having food I enjoy I'll be miserable and much less likely to stick with the program. For now, it's back to eating the normal good for me food :) I do, however, have to figure out what I'm having for dinner, as my BF has his daughter tonight so it's just me! Grocery store after work here I come! lol.

But anyway, beyond that, it's Thursday, I'm getting off work early tonight (woohoo!) because the Doc has to catch a plane to SanDiego for some meeting over the weekend and life is good :)

I hope today finds everyone well. For now I am off, I have a homework assignment to continue to plug away at :)


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Wednesday!

So, it's Wednesday (WHAT?!) already. Hard to believe for me I guess, week is just flying by. I'm really excited, my mom's tickets are purchased for her and my two cousins to come and visit me. I'm really hoping she likes it here because I'd love for her to live nearby. I miss my mom a lot, we're really close, even more so since my dad passed away back in '06.

I don't know if I ever really explained my two cousins. My mom is legal guardian of them. They are my cousin's two children. He has been unable to care for them since they were born, the mother got tired of having them around and thus my mom took them in. Better to keep the children in the family in a loving, caring home, than to have them out somewhere in foster care. Anyway, we took them in when I was 17, and they were 2 and 1 (they're 11 months apart). Now they're 11 and 10. So in a way, they're basically my sisters, but in an effort to not upset them I continue to call them my cousins because they're at that age when they're trying to decide what they want. Do they want to call my mom "mom"? They've asked me, my mom's asked me, and as far as I am concerned, my mom is a hell of a lot better mother than their fail mother ever was or will be (she has no legal rights to them anymore). If they want to call her their mother, I'm willing to share that with them, no problem. But until they approach me about wanting to call me their sister or vice versa, cousins it is. I leave it to them to decide, it is their life after all.

So if my mom does decide to move out here, she'd be bringing the girls with her. I'm pretty excited. I miss them all, as much as I scoff at the girls being around sometimes (THEY GRATE MY NERVES WITH THEIR FIGHTING!), when they're being good it's actually nice having them around. They're getting to the age now where they're starting to grow up in how they act. Not always, obviously, as they're approaching the whole teenage era of their lives, but usually they're pretty good.

Recently, on Superbowl day, the youngest of the two girls, Julie, called me from my mom's cell and asked (without saying hello first mind you, she's so exciteable), "Are you going to watch the Superbowl!?" Of course, my response was no, and she said I needed to come to my Uncle's for the party (yes let me just hop right on the airplane, be there in a few! lol).

It'll be a challenge, while they're here, to eat correctly. I kind of expect to gain a pound or two while they're here. Don't get me wrong, my mother is extremly supportive of my weight loss goal, but we'll be out and about a lot, and right now I pretty much stay home and eat. If I start going out and about I don't know how I'll react. So we'll see.

Beyond that, today's been pretty uneventful. I didn't get up in time to eat breakfast, I hate when that happens. I've been staying up a little later than normal, and should quit doing that but ahh well whatcha gonna do. That and it's been so cozy in my bed! XD

I have an assignment due on Monday, going to try to work on it and get it done tomorrow. I've already started it but it's slow going. My ability to focus on an assignment seems to be to gone. I've been having a lot of concentration problems since my father passed in '06. It's gotten better but no where near where it used to be. :(

Oh well. I guess I'll stop rambling. The short of it is, today is a good day. No problems on my end really. Hopefully this weekend will be as nice outside as today, I'd really like to start going for a walk and I think I have an interesting idea to keep me interested in walking around town. I want to start taking pictures of interesting things I find as I walk. :) Digital cameras ftw.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So cold....

BRRR! It is cold here today! Well, not cold like it was back in Illinois cold (where I'm from) but colder than it has been the past few days! We generally leave the windows open year round in the house because we live in a second floor apartment and have no control over the heat. It's an old apartment what can I say. I so did not want to get out of bed for anything today. In fact, BF's alarm went off at 6, he shut it off and we went back to bed, his phone rang at 6:15, he answered it we went back to bed, MY alarm went off at 6:30, I reset it for 7, went back to bed, his alarm again went off at 6:45, he shut it off, went back to bed, finally decided to brave the cold at 7. lol. Don't normally do that by any means. Usually whenever one of the alarms goes off (mine on days I decide I'm going to get up and work out, or his on the other days), I'm up and at'em! But not today!

So I'm at work and it's a pretty blah day so far. Gonna be slow because there's only one hygenist and the Doc today. Days like that are slow, especially in the mornings. Hygenists have 50 minute appointments, and in the mornings the Doc usually has at least 1 or 2 crown preps which are 70 minute appointments. If the phone isn't blowing up you can imagine it's pretty dull up here for the time that both appointments are going. So I've decided I'm going to work on my homework for the week. Maybe between now and Thursday I can get it done. Leave the whole weekend open to getting some stuff done that needs to be done. Like I need to really deep clean the rest of the house. I did a pretty good cleaning this weekend but I didn't dust, or stuff like that. Since my mom's coming in February I better get that done. She'll yell at me if there's a layer of dust as thick as what's on the tv now. lol. You can tell how often the tv gets used in my house...>.> I also need a haircut...I AM GROWING WINGS! lol. I hate my hair sometimes >.<

I was OP yesterday. I used all but a couple of my points. I'm having difficulties getting in all the healthy guidelines per day. Not so much when I'm off work, but on workdays. When I'm off work I have more time to cook, which results in better overall meals for me. But on workdays the only real "meal" I get is dinner, and then it's not normally cooked in oil (they suggest 2 tablespoons of "good" oil like olive oil a day). I also am having a rough time getting in fruits and veggies. I don't have time to eat here at work. If I even thought of snaggin' a fruit to eat you know the phone would ring or someone show up so I wouldn't get to eat it. I barely can get in 1 bottle of water while at work. I usually drink the majority of my water when I get home from work.

It's just little kinks I need to work out. And I'm unsure how to go about doing it.

Anyway I should get to doin' that homework. Post more later.


Monday, February 2, 2009

February Goals and a weekly dose!

I decided to shoot for some goals for the month, and then lay out my monthly goals. Some of them will, obviously, be redundant, but it's good to write them down!


1. Drink the daily 8 8oz glasses of water.
2. Exercise 4x weekly (30 min. cardio min.)
3. Try one new recepie per week
4. Look into getting a Y-pass.
5. Enjoy my time with my mom when she comes to visit.
6. See 2 new sights while she's here with the kids. (Museums, Historical Sights...Roswell anyone?!).

This Week's goals:
1. Drink the daily 8 8oz glasses of water.
2. Exercise 4x weekly (30 min cardio min.)
3. Try one new recepie
4. Finish my homework before Sunday night.

I tried the 5 days a week exercising and I think it was too much for my body to handle right now. I ended up with a very sore calf muscle that really restricted what I could do on Saturday. It did not feel well at all. So I think if I can space it out a little better, and do one less day for now, I will be better off. I'm going to try to get in 4 45 minute sessions. I did 30 minutes of cardio and 15 of yoga/strength on Sunday and I was more tired but felt like I had a better workout. So we'll try that. I will also go down to the YMCA this week on Friday and see about maybe getting a trial period or pass day or something to try it out. Sundays would probably be the best time to work out for me there since there wouldn't be many people in the morning (this place is chauk full of church goers). But it'll give me the ability to use a treadmill, which I find to be so nice.

I also got 4 new cookbooks from one of the hygenists here at work. LOTS of new recepies to try so I want to try one a week. I need to broaden my horizons or I will quickly get bored with my food choices. However, I was raised meat, potatos and peas/greenbeans/corn. That's all my dad would eat, so that's all we really ate at my house. So now when I'm confronted with new choices I'm like...eeehhhhh....I dunno.... Hopefully these new cookbooks I got to look over will help a bit. :)

Anyway I need to skiddadle!


Weigh in day!

I hate weighing myself every day. I tend to avoid it at all cost. So I did today because it was my WI day and the scale flux'd between 278 and 279. So I just decided to keep my weight from yesterday and be done with it. So I'm going to offically say a 1.8 loss this week. Not too shabby.

I'm trying to not expect too big of a loss for next week, considering I worked out like mad this week.

As for last week's goal, the only one I didn't get accomplished was buying a pedometer. I went to Santa Fe to go to Best Buy for another reason, and when I went to try to get to Walmart, I was in the wrong lane and the traffic was just awful. So I ended up going past it and couldn't find an opening to get out of the middle lane to even go back the way I came. So I decided to just put that one off until this week. I might just order one online.

Today's going to be a slow day I can tell. Doc can't work past 5:30 today because of previous commitments, so I don't have to worry about working late tonight. In fact, so far as I can tell we'll probably get out around 4:30 woo.

Anyway I hope the day finds ya'll well. I'll post more if I'm bored and think of more to say. Toodaloo all


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Month's end

I weighed myself this morning for a month's end weigh in. I now weigh 278.4 pounds. I can safely say good bye to the 280's now :)

So for the month of January I lost 6.6 pounds. Not bad considering I didn't start until the 9th of January and I had some problems finding my groove. :)

I'll weigh myself again tomorrow for the WW WI day. Until then my friends!