Monday, January 12, 2009

So I've narrowed down a day...

Weighing yourself daily is generally a bad thing, seeing as your body weight tends to change upwards of 2 pounds per day. However, waiting a full month to weigh myself has proven bad for me in the past, I tend to forget why I'm dieting or exercising or whatever if I'm not reminding myself if I need to work harder or maybe I am dieting too hard and losing too fast sort of thing. So I've decided Monday's right before I eat lunch will be my time to weigh myself. My reasoning: I go home for lunch, generally, and I use my Wii Fit to weigh myself and keep track of it anyway, so I may as well do it then! Start of the work week, weigh myself, etc. Works well I think. Wii fit wants you to weigh yourself every day but I will refrain from that. I just think it'll be too discouraging.

That said, I bought the My Fitness Coach last night in Santa Fe. I like the Wii fit, it's fun and exciting and good for when I want a bunch of different stuff to do, but my main complaint has been it's too start and stop, and the new Active thingy that is coming out and will be wii board interactive is still a few months from coming out. So I'll use my Wii fit for my yoga (what little I can do at this point) and maybe some fun hulahoop action (my favorite "game" to play on there by far!).

That being said, I weight myself today (as my first starting point) and I've lost 2 pounds, which is a good start! Go me! /dance

Anyhoo, back to work I go!


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