Friday, January 23, 2009


Yes yes, so I know it kills the cat, but I don't think it killed me this time. I woke up this morning, curious to see how my week of nose to the grindstone when it came to dieting and cutting out soda helped. I gained .4 since Monday and I'll reweigh myself on Monday for my official count. Regardless, I'm not upset about it. I FEEL lighter. I can't explain it, but I feel much lighter today than I did a week ago. There were many days in the last month or so where I've felt sick, sluggish, and very irritable. Recently, within the last week I've still felt very sluggish and a little irritable (which I contribute to the sudden caffinee dump from my system) but I haven't felt sick. I've been eating meals which were good for me and filling and even enjoying an ice cream bar almost every night and yet I haven't really felt sick to my stomach like i have in the past.

I actually had to put a belt on with these pants I"m wearing today. They were already a size or two too big, I had them given to me by someone bigger than myself after she lost weight from a gastric bypass. I took them and often wear them 1 because I don't have any other jeans and 2 because they were comfy. They were too big and I could take them off without unbuttoning them but they quicky became my favorite pair. Today, I put them on and they slid off as I walked out of the bedroom into the living room. O.o oops, guess I needed a belt eh? So on it went. My shirt I'm wearing also feels a little more comfy than before. And actually, if I continue this, these jeans I'm wearing will soon be thrown out because the legs of them look huge (again a part of clothing I hate, just because my waist is a big doesn't mean I have elephant legs for legs c'mon now!).

So despite a very minor gain which could easily be contributed to the daily weight gain/loss your body goes through. I must say I am happy with my choice, and as I log off now to go to the store, I hope ya'll are happy with yours as well. See you on the flip side :)



  1. Attitude is everything Farsy, keep it up and you will be successful..

  2. I love lose clothes! Besides straight inches lost off my waist it is the most motivational thing to me!


  3. Sounds good, I suspect you may see a much different number a week from now that better reflects the reality of your progress that your belt can attest to!

  4. It's great to have confirmation of progress from things other than the scale. Keep it up!!


  5. I think you are doing great. Giving up the soda is huge and will make such a difference. I agree that attitude is everything and you have a great one.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate what you shared and I am inspired so much by everyone.

    Have a great weekend!