Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A sucessful lunch outing!

So it was the Doc's b-day today. We went to a place called Central Avenue Grill for lunch. I tried to find something that sounded like it would be halfway decent for me, and I got chicken fajitas. I made sure to load up my tortilla with lots of tomato, lettuce, a little cheese and litterally like a fork's end of sour cream and guacamole, and salsa and then two slices of the chicken and a fork full of the green/red/onion mixture that was under the chicken (it looked a bit greasier than I would've liked) per tortilla. I ate two. :)

We also had a brownie type thing brought to the Doc from the restraunt for his b-day dessert. He passed it around and I had a bite of it. Was really good but really rich. One bite was enough for me!

So I think I passed on my first office lunch out with the group. Not too bad I hope! :)


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