Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm back!  Miss me much?  Prolly not I know >.<

Unpacked....partial check.
Stressed...?  Eh only a little bit more than my baseline.

I've been busy.  Love you all but when life gets busy everything gets put on hold.

So let's recap how my life has been this past...oh month that I've been gone.

You know I'm getting really good at this "not gaining not losing" business when life gets busy.  I'm concerned enough to eat well enough to not gain, but not concerned enough to exercise my heart out to lose.  Go figure.  You'll see why here in a sec.

We moved to our new place October 22nd.  Took us all day to unload and return the truck, another couple days to get the boxes in some semblence of order in order to start unpacking and I'm still unpacking....been a month gotta love it.  Mostly I'm left with stuff I don't know where the hell to put.  >.<  Our place is bigger than the one we had in Los Alamos.  In fact I think I have two bedrooms worth of space in my bedroom, I can walk around the bed freely, well I could if I didn't have some boxes of junk to throw away but that's another issue entirely.  So between moving and unpacking and such most of my weekends are taken up by that, and then I've had to help mom move.

Yes, she moved, back to Illinois (after I moved here for her go figure ugh).  She found out after we started ramping up to move that the bank sold the house out from under her to an investment firm and they wanted her out.  So she packed up and moved back to IL because she doesn't know if she can work and she doesn't have to pay rent where she's at right now living with my aunt and that was that.  I was against the whole idea but it's not my life, I can't really say much.  She left the 14th, just before thanksgiving. thanksgiving really sucked, more so because I had 30 bucks to my name and no thanksgiving meal stuff in the kitchen, in fact no real food in the kitchen at all save some random canned goods.  /sigh

Work has been pretty...non-eventful really.  I am loving the 10 minute drive instead of the hour and a half one way.  Been just doing a little bit of training, little bit of work, and a whole lot of yackin' with co-workers and trying to network.  And before you say wtf it's a state job, no work ever really gets done there.  lol.  I mean, we do our work and do it well, but the inbetween is a lot of talking about what's going on at the houses, and depending on what level you work on, they talk a lot about some staffing issues.  Luckily for me I'm the one bringing up some of these issues that are training related that need to be done (really a lot of staffing overhaul going on), and so I get to sit in on a lot of their discussions.  And the reason I say lucky for me is because this is what my degree is in, so I'm being involved in a lot of the administrative stuff and get to have my input, let's me seem like I'm worth promoting (I hope!).  Anyway...

This past weekend I got my brakes fixed, and found out my calipur was shot in the back so it cost me almost 300 bucks out of pocket to fix.  That is the direct reason why I had no thanksgiving dinner because I hadn't even bought groceries yet and had to fix it.  Ugh.  So...I bought a loaf of bread and some ramen.  I just keep telling myself it's only 4 more days until payday....

I'm sticking right around 260 and looking for some inspiration here peeps.  I need to get back on the bandwagon (for good dammit) and I don't want to be all "New Years resolution" type person either.  Nice thing is though with the lack of thanksgiving big get together I didn't gain any unnecessary weight from it rofl!  Now Christmas on the other hand....>.>

Anyway Until next time, it's time to help D finish up his homework.


Friday, October 8, 2010


Says it all really.  Lots of issues this week.

I've been trying to find a doctor in the area, and I've realized just how hard it is to find a new doctor.  How do you know if someone's decent?  And the fact that I have absolutely NO clue what's "nearby" in downtown Phoenix is kind of killin' me when it comes to finding a nearby doctor.  Joy. 

I worked this week on getting some stuff switched over to the new place.  I had to get our internet switched so that it'd be "on" for when we move in, ready for us to get connected.  Regardless if my computer's hooked up, I still need internet access for work, so had to be ready by the time we move in.  Got that all arranged today on my drive home from work.  Made the drive home go much quicker that's for sure.  Now it's just a matter of getting some stuff ready to go, I need to get some packing tape, and a few things that I know I'm going to need, like a rolling laundry basket.  I have a laundry basket I can use in the home, but since I have on site laundry and it's not too far away rollng laundry would be nice, especially for those times when you have more than one basket of laundry to do :)

Weight loss is sucking.  I don't even want to look at the scale.  I have a new office-mate that started on Monday.  She's really nice, just having a baby, and is breast feeding so she pumps pretty regularly and that's fine, no big deal we're both women I can handle it.  She's really cool about it, asks if it's ok, though lately she's been asking if I had anywhere to go so that way I'm not like doing the potty dance for the 15 minutes.  No big deal.  But we both like to eat, and we're both overweight and so it's kinda ugh.  We ate out two times this week and I'm trying to avoid it!  lol.  But she said we could always go for a walk at lunch time, that'd be nice to have a walking buddy if it works out alright.  We get along, so that's nice.  Plus she's real big on decorating, which is awesome since we're kind of gonna be locked into this halloween decorating thing.  See, I was going to decorate so I got a couple of small decorations to hold me over until I got paid.  But then the office lady next to me, yeah she totally decorated the hell out of her office.  And oh it was on like donkey kong!  It'll be fun to get some decorations within a budget of less than 30 bucks total.  Dollar store is my friend /nod nod lol.

So I'm hoping to lose some, or at least not gain.  I'm sure the actual move itself will help in that department.  That and being able to eat a "real meal" at lunch time because I won't have to worry about it getting soggy on the way to work will be nice. 

I need to work out more, eat less and get off the damn sugar kick I've been on lately.  /sigh I hate being fat.  >.<

Until next time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally! An end to the Madness!!!

Ok, so if you've been reading at all since I came back to the blogging world, you know about my current living arrangement situation.  I'm currently living with my mother who, bless her heart, tries her best to make us feel welcome, but you know how it is...once you've lived on your own, it's hard to go back and live in a parents house again.  *Especially* if you've got a significant other that isn't used to/doesn't understand etc how the parent is.  D tries, he really does, but there's 5 people living in a 3 bedroom, two of which are teen/tween's, and it honestly just doesn't work.

Well starting October 22, that'll all change.  We're moving to a new apartment on the 22nd of October, up by where I work.  I'll no longer have to get up at the crack ass of dawn to go to work, I can sleep in until *gasp!* 7am.  Or get up at 6am to work out before going to work.  O...M....G!  LIFE OF LUXURY!  lol.  The new place is about 2 or 3 miles from work, and it avoids all interstate driving.  I leave the apartment complex, drive to the main street that runs nearby, drive straight south about 2 or 3 miles and pull into the work's parking lot.  That's it!  Best of all?  It's only 599 a month ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED SCORE!  lol.  For damn near downtown Phoenix, I'll take it!  We've visited the complex, the lady is really nice, she showed us around.  The nearby area is pretty decent, the houses nearby all have lawns/rock areas that are maintained, there's a row of businesses in front of us and a mall down the street that all don't look too shabby.  As neighborhoods go it's acceptable.  Might be a little traffic noisy especially during the peak hours, but I don't mind traffic, I used to live right off greek row in college, which had a very busy street and it could be pretty noisy.  It's near 3 different grocery stores, a mall, my work, and to top it all off, it's on the first floor which is just freaking awesome.  I'm really stoked can you tell?

So I have to talk to my boss person and work something out for that week when it comes to my hours.  I'm going to see if I can just work 4 10's and then have that Friday off to pack the truck, or maybe work 4 9's and take off by 11 provided I go in at 7 so I can pack the truck.  Then Saturday will be the big move and Sunday will be the OMG I have way too much stuff and I'm too tired to unpack day in which I will attempt to unpack some of the important stuff and order out for the evening's meal followed by some much needed sleep by that point I'm sure.

D's stoked too, it'll be nice for us to have our own place.  We'll be far enough from my mom that she won't just randomly pop in any time she wants, but close enough to help out if she needs it. 

Don't get me wrong.  I absolutely love my mom, but like most parental units as you grow up, you can only take so much of them before you're ready for your own space again.  My mom'll do anything for you, and that's great.  But sometimes she gets a little over zealous.  D and I have an understanding that we'd talked about before we moved out here that the first person to get a job would work, and the other would have to wait (or find a job really close by) because we only have one vehicle (which btw is on "hospice" and is ready to die soon).  Well my mom's been really over zealous about it, especially with me coming home so tired about how he should be working blah blah blah and it's really frustrating to both of us.  This last time she got started in on it I had to tell her to quit that she'd raised me to be independent and a bread winner so I wouldn't have to rely on a man to bring home all the bacon and that she can't have it both ways for me to be assertive and independent yet willing to sit at home while he worked.  I just happened across my job first /shrug.

Anyway, so I'm excited, things are looking up and once we get settled and I get myself a treadmill for home that I HAVE ROOM FOR NOW!....I'll be on the downward trend!  Until then, I'm endevoring to get up at least 3 days a week and work out on mom's at 5am, and just trying to watch what I eat so I don't gain much if any until we get settled.

Until next time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back on the treadmill...

So this morning I woke up at 4:30, not very happy about it, but I decided to make the best of it.  D had come to bed about 3:30 this morning, not completely unusual, and not what really woke me up enough to make me get out of bed.  As soon as his head hit the pillow and he started falling asleep he must have gone into a nightmare because he started twitching and tossing and turning and despite my attempts to snap him out of it by awakening him at least 3 times, he continued to fall back into his dreams or whatever.  And so I said SCREW IT and got up lol.  I ate breakfast at 4:30 which consisted of oatmeal and a bottle of juice (100% no sugar added I might add!).  Then at 5am I decided since I'm up I might as well hit the treadmill.  So I did.  I went for about 30 minutes, from 5:30 to 6.  I would've gone longer but unfortunately I had to get off the treadmill to get ready for work.  Gotta be out the door by 6:30 after all.  And yes I realize it's 6:21 and I'm on here, but I've already had my shower, grabbed together a lunch and gotten dressed for work in those 15 minutes lol. 

My conclusion is I'm going to try to get up at 4:30 every morning to get on the treadmill.  I'm just too tired when I get home and I dislike working out at all in front of others, even my own family, and no one's up at 4:30.  Gives me half an hour to wake up before I gotta hop on, I just need to have my workout clothes laid out the night before so I can find them quicker, that's what took me so long this morning :(

So one day this week of working out accomplished!  I'm going to try for 3!  ^.^

Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy busy busy and needing some ideas!

So it's been damn near a month since I last posted.  I've been so busy I honestly didn't realize it'd been that long.  Let's recap a bit of what's been goin' on in my world lately shall we?

Weight loss front: I've not gained or lost really.  I've maintained within a pound up or pound down from my 260 weight.  I was 259 before I started working, and I'm at 261 as of this morning.  Sure I'm not losing but as hectic as my life has been, it's acceptable right now.  I've started walking again and swimming at night so I'm hoping to lose more here soon.  Adjusting to my new job and such has kind of thrown me off my game but I'm back so life is good.

Job front: Love my job.  I work for the state and that's awesome.  The benefits are freaking amazing.  I'm currently waiting for my medical card so I can get in to see a nutritionalist/weight loss specialist which, by the way is covered by my insurance as a "preventative" meaning I only pay a 10 dollar copay and they pay the rest.  Can't complain there! I'm sure I can lose weight on my own, but if I can get professional advise to help me out along the way there's no harm in doing so.  I don't want fad dieting, or anything, but ideas would be great. 

Commuting sucks though.  I'm eager to get my own place so I don't have to drive so flippin' far to work.  Right now my average commute is about an hour.  At least TO work.  On the way home there's no telling how long it'll take.  I am supposed to work 8 to 5 or 8 to 4:30 if I take a shorter lunch which would put me home between 5:30 and 6, but I seem to get home closer to 6 or 6:30 because of traffic.  I've also had some late nights for training reasons mostly.  I do get the perk of flexing out my overtime (well it's required but it's still a perk to me!) which means that I can leave early if I'm over a day previous or know I'll be over later that week.  So for example, last monday I had to leave work at 3 to get home before 5 to get my car from the shop (a whole different kind of long story there).  So I left at 3 and on Tuesday I knew I'd have to stay late and left on Tuesday at 5.  Then Wed and Thurs I left at 5:30 and 5 respectively so on Friday I had to leave by 1:30 to make up the difference since I come in at 7:30 every morning to beat traffic. 

My boss is very flexible, and she's already started teaching me things to help me get the experience I need to be able to fill her position when she retires (she's probably late 50's early 60's) as she knows I'm interested in moving up over time and that I have the background and education to go far she's said.  I'm not going to complain. 

So my days have basically consisted of waking up at 5am, getting my shower, getting dressed, grabbing breakfast and leaving for work by no later than 6:30.  Dropping the kids off at school on my way because I drive right by their school and then getting to work around 7:30.  I work from 7:30 until either 4 or 4:30, or later depending on if it's a late night or not, and then drive back home, eat dinner, relax and go to bed.  I've started throwing in a late evening walk lately with my mom.  Unfortunately though because of all the pain she's in it takes us almost an hour to walk what would normally take me 20 minutes to walk.  I'm hoping she is able to work up to where I was before so I can get in some good long walks again.  Maybe I'll just start getting on the treadmills in the morning before I shower and eat.  I get up at 5 not because I need an hour and a half to get ready but because I like to wake up a little before I have to drive in the crazy traffic.  So maybe by getting on the treadmill every morning I can wake up a little faster. Who knows, we'll see.  It's a will power thing, and I'm a little low on the willpower this past month when it comes to getting in exercise, I'm just so tired!

Other weight loss info: I've signed up for a 3 mile walkathon for breast cancer for November.  I can't remember the date, which I'm hoping will help me to get my ass off the damn chair and more walking in order to facilitate this said 3 mile walk.  I don't have any donation information at this point, I'm still waiting for my finalized paperwork saying I'm golden to join, once I have that I'll post more info.  I am also in need of a new weight loss goal for my 10%.  I've left my 10% from my first weight loss journey as my first goal, and I'm not far from it, only about 4 pounds give or take. But I have no real goal.  I'd originally wanted to go to this awesome japanese style massage parlor in Santa Fe but obviously that's no long a realistic goal.  It's too far away now, not driving over 8 hours for a massage sorry!  lol.  I can't say Oh I'll go get a pedicure or something like that because frankly I do a pedicure every month.  If I didn't my feet would be so cracked and such I wouldn't be able to walk.  I tried to not do pedicures last time I was unemployed for a length of time and I was in so much pain, ugh.  Needless to say my once a month pedicure has stayed...and i'm due for one soon now that I'm thinking about it...anyway...

So I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for a good reward.  And this is a big thing for me, I've never lost 10% of anything but my savings account stash lol.  I'd buy a new video game but that's a big counter productive to getting me to move  So anyway ideas welcome!

That's pretty much what's going on in a nutshell.  Busy with work, looking for an apartment, trying to eat healthy and lose weight but at least I'm maintaining.  I'll try to post more as I get a chance.  I've not fallen off the face of the earth, I promise!  :)

Until next time.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Some good news.

So things are falling into place like they should for once in my freaking life.  I nailed that job, and I didn't just nail it, I got slid into the higher pay grade.  So I'm officially an employee for the state of Arizona.  I start that on Tuesday at 8am.  I get my own office and everything, I'm stoked.  I also finally got my car back, and it's running good.  I've also started looking for a place, right now it's a 45 minute or so drive to work so I need to try to cut down that travel time soon, plus I want my own place with D dammit.  After being independent for so long I hate living at home. 

Weight loss is fine, haven't really exercised this week though, I've just not gone overboard with eating.  Been busy getting ready.  I had to buy some new clothes for work and I've wearing a size 22 pant now, and a 2x shirt.  Nice considering I was in a 26 pant and 4x shirt when I started.  I'll take it.  :)

So I hope things go well with ya'll.  I may be a little quiet for a week or two while I get into the swing of things.

Until next time.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's been a long week already.  Thursday of last week was exciting, I really nailed the state interview and by Friday they had called me back because the woman wanted me to come back to do a second interview so she can try to get me into a higher pay grade.  I'm down for that, more money good!  Saturday was spent pretty much all day finding an outfit for said second interview.  Then Sunday I relaxed a little and honestly couldn't tell you where my day went.

Now Monday I had to get up early and go to Phoenix for that second interview.  It was pretty quick and easy, some similar questions and she sent me on my way.  Within an hour of me leaving that interview they'd already hit up two of my references.  So I'm pretty sure I'm in like Flynn, and I'm not complaining.

Beware, below is a rant and has nothing to do with weight loss so you're welcome to skip it if you want...

Then Monday took a turn for the worst.  My car has been in the shop since the end of July.  What I thought was a leaking radiator turned out to be a possible busted head gasket or busted heads or both.  That wasn't why Monday went down hill.  I called the place on Thursday to make sure my car had been started on.  They've had it for a couple of weeks once we found out what was wrong and had said they hadn't started it prior because another car they were working on that had a similar problem was not cooperating and they only had one mechanic.  Well once I found out I did so well on that state job and would probably need a car asap I called to find out if they'd started on it yet because if not I was going to take it somewhere else to get it fixed so I'd have a car for my new job.  So when I called on Thursday they said "Oh yeah we took the heads off and sent them in a couple of days ago".  Ok, so I can't take my car, that's fine just try to get it done quickly ok?  Then on Saturday another guy from the shop calls me to tell me that they hadn't started on the car yet.  I was like what do you mean you haven't started, the guy Thursday told me the heads had been sent out already!  Oh I was pissed.  So I told him if you haven't started on it don't bother, I will be down to pick up my car today.  So I get down there at about 2:30 after we get done shopping and their shop is closed.  Sign says they're open until 5.  Pissed off meter rising....

I see my car in plain sight, so I walk over to it and they've got it blocked in and it's unlocked with the key on the floor of the floorboard.  Pissed meter rising even more.  I do NOT like my car unlocked for any reason.  I specifically told them that when I dropped my car off.  I said unless it's in their garage locked up I did not want my car left unattended and unlocked.  No there's nothing to really steal but I don't need to get my car back missing a radio or something.  I digress...

So my mom and I walk over to my car, pop the hood, nothing is touched, heads aren't off nothing.  We would've taken it right then if it hadn't been blocked in by an RV and another car.  Convinently enough the car had no engine so moving that one was out of the question and the RV was locked.  /rolls eyes.  Fine, so we locked my car up and took the key so that (we thought) they couldn't try to fuck us by making it so we can't pick it up on Monday.  The person that was there doing something else for a different company had said that they left early as they do on Saturdays, and then after we left he must have called the guy that runs the place and said we were there because he called me at about 6pm.  Said when they don't "have anything going on" they go home early on Saturdays.  And my thought was really, so you have nothing going on, when you COULD have been working on my car since I know they were also closed LAST Saturday.  I was like well let me tell you something, I looked at my car and nothing was done.  I want no one to touch it, I would've taken it right then but it was blocked in.  I took the key I do not want you to work on it and I will be back on Monday to pick it up and get a refund of the 400 dollars I put down to work on this car and he was trying to say oh but we can have it done by Friday (after he originally told me that it takes at least a week and a half to get the heads back and yet they haven't been sent out?) and I said no, don't do it, I do not want you to work on it anymore.  I left it at that and hung up.

So Monday comes around and I couldn't get out there at 8am when they opened because of my interview.  Finished the interview and got out there at about 11:30 and the guy that was supposed to be working on my car, probably not any older than me, and not the guy I'd originally talked to over the phone tells me oh I can give you the car back but I'm not giving you a full refund.  I was like well we didn't expect a full refund because our agreement was 30 bucks to find out what was wrong with it and he smirked and was like well I sent the heads off so you will have to pay for that too.  I was like WHAT?!  Omg I was so pissed!  I said show me my car, now.  So he takes me out back and pops the hood and low and behold my engine is completely torn apart.  I was like why the fuck did you take the heads off.  I specifically said DO NOT WORK ON IT.  He had already been getting rude with us and got all pissy and said I'm not going to argue with you, tow your fucking car out of here for all I care but you're getting no money back and your heads you'll have to pick up later.  He lied straight to my face and tried to say it was like that before he left on Saturday and stuck to that story even after I said he was lying because we were out here after he'd left on Saturday and it was NOT like that. I said I wanted to speak to Dennis which was the guy I always talked to on the phone and he dials a number continuing to say he's not going to fucking argue with us and then practically throws the phone at me.  The person on the line was not Dennis, it was the actual owner, who knew nothing about my car because he'd been out of the office with his dad having a stroke.  He said the guy (who by now had walked away) had called him and said he was going in on Sunday to do a little work on the car.  It took every ounce of energy I had to not just explode at this guy, seriously.  I told him about how rude this punk kid was to the customers, about how I'd been lied to at least twice this week alone, and now I can't have my car taken somewhere else to get it worked on because it's all torn apart.  I told him I had a job coming up that required my car and it'd already been sitting here for over a month with no progress. 

In the end the owner told me he'd call the machine shop and put a rush on my heads to have them done by Tuesday and that he personally would come down to the shop and fix my car up on Wednesday provided the heads were good.  If the heads aren't good it may take an extra day to get the new engine for my car to put that in for me.  I said well I don't really have a choice in this matter because it's not like I can just tow my car off but that I, under no uncertain terms do not want that punk kid to touch my car at all.  I don't even want him to get in it to move it.  Nothing.  He also said he'd do it for pennies on the dollar instead of charging me as much as it was supposed to be.

Have I mentioned I hate mechanics?  >.>

Anyway, so weight loss is good, car not so much.  Here's to hoping I get this job!

Until next time.