Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's been a long week already.  Thursday of last week was exciting, I really nailed the state interview and by Friday they had called me back because the woman wanted me to come back to do a second interview so she can try to get me into a higher pay grade.  I'm down for that, more money good!  Saturday was spent pretty much all day finding an outfit for said second interview.  Then Sunday I relaxed a little and honestly couldn't tell you where my day went.

Now Monday I had to get up early and go to Phoenix for that second interview.  It was pretty quick and easy, some similar questions and she sent me on my way.  Within an hour of me leaving that interview they'd already hit up two of my references.  So I'm pretty sure I'm in like Flynn, and I'm not complaining.

Beware, below is a rant and has nothing to do with weight loss so you're welcome to skip it if you want...

Then Monday took a turn for the worst.  My car has been in the shop since the end of July.  What I thought was a leaking radiator turned out to be a possible busted head gasket or busted heads or both.  That wasn't why Monday went down hill.  I called the place on Thursday to make sure my car had been started on.  They've had it for a couple of weeks once we found out what was wrong and had said they hadn't started it prior because another car they were working on that had a similar problem was not cooperating and they only had one mechanic.  Well once I found out I did so well on that state job and would probably need a car asap I called to find out if they'd started on it yet because if not I was going to take it somewhere else to get it fixed so I'd have a car for my new job.  So when I called on Thursday they said "Oh yeah we took the heads off and sent them in a couple of days ago".  Ok, so I can't take my car, that's fine just try to get it done quickly ok?  Then on Saturday another guy from the shop calls me to tell me that they hadn't started on the car yet.  I was like what do you mean you haven't started, the guy Thursday told me the heads had been sent out already!  Oh I was pissed.  So I told him if you haven't started on it don't bother, I will be down to pick up my car today.  So I get down there at about 2:30 after we get done shopping and their shop is closed.  Sign says they're open until 5.  Pissed off meter rising....

I see my car in plain sight, so I walk over to it and they've got it blocked in and it's unlocked with the key on the floor of the floorboard.  Pissed meter rising even more.  I do NOT like my car unlocked for any reason.  I specifically told them that when I dropped my car off.  I said unless it's in their garage locked up I did not want my car left unattended and unlocked.  No there's nothing to really steal but I don't need to get my car back missing a radio or something.  I digress...

So my mom and I walk over to my car, pop the hood, nothing is touched, heads aren't off nothing.  We would've taken it right then if it hadn't been blocked in by an RV and another car.  Convinently enough the car had no engine so moving that one was out of the question and the RV was locked.  /rolls eyes.  Fine, so we locked my car up and took the key so that (we thought) they couldn't try to fuck us by making it so we can't pick it up on Monday.  The person that was there doing something else for a different company had said that they left early as they do on Saturdays, and then after we left he must have called the guy that runs the place and said we were there because he called me at about 6pm.  Said when they don't "have anything going on" they go home early on Saturdays.  And my thought was really, so you have nothing going on, when you COULD have been working on my car since I know they were also closed LAST Saturday.  I was like well let me tell you something, I looked at my car and nothing was done.  I want no one to touch it, I would've taken it right then but it was blocked in.  I took the key I do not want you to work on it and I will be back on Monday to pick it up and get a refund of the 400 dollars I put down to work on this car and he was trying to say oh but we can have it done by Friday (after he originally told me that it takes at least a week and a half to get the heads back and yet they haven't been sent out?) and I said no, don't do it, I do not want you to work on it anymore.  I left it at that and hung up.

So Monday comes around and I couldn't get out there at 8am when they opened because of my interview.  Finished the interview and got out there at about 11:30 and the guy that was supposed to be working on my car, probably not any older than me, and not the guy I'd originally talked to over the phone tells me oh I can give you the car back but I'm not giving you a full refund.  I was like well we didn't expect a full refund because our agreement was 30 bucks to find out what was wrong with it and he smirked and was like well I sent the heads off so you will have to pay for that too.  I was like WHAT?!  Omg I was so pissed!  I said show me my car, now.  So he takes me out back and pops the hood and low and behold my engine is completely torn apart.  I was like why the fuck did you take the heads off.  I specifically said DO NOT WORK ON IT.  He had already been getting rude with us and got all pissy and said I'm not going to argue with you, tow your fucking car out of here for all I care but you're getting no money back and your heads you'll have to pick up later.  He lied straight to my face and tried to say it was like that before he left on Saturday and stuck to that story even after I said he was lying because we were out here after he'd left on Saturday and it was NOT like that. I said I wanted to speak to Dennis which was the guy I always talked to on the phone and he dials a number continuing to say he's not going to fucking argue with us and then practically throws the phone at me.  The person on the line was not Dennis, it was the actual owner, who knew nothing about my car because he'd been out of the office with his dad having a stroke.  He said the guy (who by now had walked away) had called him and said he was going in on Sunday to do a little work on the car.  It took every ounce of energy I had to not just explode at this guy, seriously.  I told him about how rude this punk kid was to the customers, about how I'd been lied to at least twice this week alone, and now I can't have my car taken somewhere else to get it worked on because it's all torn apart.  I told him I had a job coming up that required my car and it'd already been sitting here for over a month with no progress. 

In the end the owner told me he'd call the machine shop and put a rush on my heads to have them done by Tuesday and that he personally would come down to the shop and fix my car up on Wednesday provided the heads were good.  If the heads aren't good it may take an extra day to get the new engine for my car to put that in for me.  I said well I don't really have a choice in this matter because it's not like I can just tow my car off but that I, under no uncertain terms do not want that punk kid to touch my car at all.  I don't even want him to get in it to move it.  Nothing.  He also said he'd do it for pennies on the dollar instead of charging me as much as it was supposed to be.

Have I mentioned I hate mechanics?  >.>

Anyway, so weight loss is good, car not so much.  Here's to hoping I get this job!

Until next time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well, lookie there.

It's been 1 month exactly since I made the commitment to lose weight (again) and I've worked hard this month.  Maybe not as hard as I could have, but I've still exercised way more this month than I ever have in the past.  I've ate better this month than I have in the past.  And I've managed my stress (which if you've read my posts lately is considerable) outside of eating. 

And the scale shows it...for once :P

I weighed in today at 260.2.  This is a new low for me even when I started the first time I never got to 260.2.  I got down to like 262ish but never this low.  So I'm glad.  Scale teases me by not letting me be under 260 but that's ok, I'll take the 10.4 pound loss and run with it.  That's an average of 2.6 pounds per week.  Not bad, a little over the "1 to 2 pounds" they say you should lose per week, but it just means I'm doing it the way I should.

I got in a good walk last night.  I got up early this morning and got going to my interview which, by the way went freaking awesome.  I had a panel interview with 3 people, and I think it went really well.  The lady told me as we were leaving that they would "defientally be in touch".  So I'm going to let my hopes climb at least a little that it will mean they're interested and want me to join their team.  ^.^ Hopefully in the next couple of weeks (you know how state can be) I'll be posting I have a new full time job XD

I feel good, really.  I've lost quite a bit of weight this month, and I had a huge NSV today when I put my outfit on today to interview in.  I bought it earlier this year for another interview, it's a nice pair of pants, shirt and a jacket and when I bought it it fit, but it wasn't exactly the most comfortable.  But today I put it all on and wow, talk about a huge difference.  The jacket fit much better today than it did last time, and the shirt wasn't continually feeling like it was bunching up around my rolls, and the pants I could zip, button and snap without feeling like I was running out of air holding my gut in.

Was a nice change that's for sure.

But for now, I'm going to get dinner done so I can eat, I'm starvin' over here, been a very long day.

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is a big day for me.  For many reasons! 

1) It's my first weigh in day since last month.  I get to see how much I've lost (I hope!). 

2) I have a job interview for a state position tomorrow!  This could be awesome if I get the position.  State benefits?  Sign me up!

3) I get to test how far I've come in my walking.  When I began all this it KILLED me to walk down to Shell and back which is about 3.5 miles one way, so about 7 miles total.  Walked it in about 2 hours.  We're going to get up early and walk that same route again to see if I still feel like I'm keeling over after.  I can't say I've been so excited about exercise since I was a kid >.>

Check in tomorrow to see how I weighed in, and how the walk went XD

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 26th approaches...!

So I just realized what today actually was.  Besides being a Saturday (win!) and my cousin's birthday bash tonight (win for her, not quite so much for me), it's also the 21st!  That means in 5 days I get to see how much my effort (somewhat lacking) has helped in my weight loss.

I know I've lost.  My clothing fits a little looser, my ring is starting to really twirl on my finger which only happens when I've lost a significant amount of weight.  I don't eat near as much or get as hungry randomly thoughout the day, etc.  I also know my walks (albeit a bit lacking) have gotten a little faster and farther since I started this a month ago.  I have also learned to say NO (and in some cases HELL NO) to foods or eating until I'm stuffed and so forth. 

I just wonder how much I have lost. 

As I posted earlier, my exercising has been a bit of hit and miss the last week or two.  This week I walked two days during my "official exercising week" time period.  We started walking late at night (like 10 or 11pm) instead of real early in the morning.  With all the stress going on walking in the morning was just stressing me out because I'm not a morning person.  I was having a hard time getting up and going for a walk, and walking at night helps to relieve the tension, D and I can just walk and talk (well he talks, I struggle to walk and talk which is sign of a good work out for me lol). 

The home front has quieted a little.  I had a long talk with my mom and laid out some stuff that was bothering us.  She doesn't think of me as an adult, the whole only child don't want to think of them grown up syndrom or something.  But she'll do the same to D and me that she does to the kids (which I also talked to her about) which is just knocking and then immediately walking in.  Drives me nuts.  I have nothing to hide, but I do enjoy my privacy.  D is a very private person when it comes to showing any affection.  That's not to say I won't get a quick peck on the cheek or something if we're near family but he's not the type to hold hands, or put his arm around you or something while we're in public.  So my affection meter has been really low from him because mom always manages to walk in when we're laying in bed talking (there's really no room in this room for much else than the bed) and it's really frustrating.  So we talked for a long time, mom and I, and things seem to have quieted down a little.  At least for now.

I've also had an interesting thing happen Friday.  I'd applied for job after job out here, many months before I even moved.  Some of which involved state positions.  I got a letter in the mail on Friday that had gone to my previous address and took forever to get to me, but it's a job interview offer for a state position working with individuals with developmental disabilities here in Arizona.  Of course, by the time I got the letter, the deadline set was within a few days.  So I had to quickly fill out the information and send it in.  I tried calling to set up an interview (as the paper said to) but she wasn't there on Friday.  So I'm really crossing my fingers that this job will pan out.  I'm working part time, but it's very temporary and I have no clue if I'll actually get a full time position with them.  I've seen that of the 8 people working in the little area I'm working there, 6 of us are temps, and 4 of them have been there for over 3 months without being officially hired on.  That's a little worrisome to me.  Plus some of the crazy stuff they have going on there with their AR deparment and stuff raises an eyebrow.  But it's a job, and it pays ok so I do it to have at least a little income.  But to land a state job would be nice. 

Bah it's time for me to pack up and get going.  Got a little girl's birthday bash to get going.  Hope everyone has a good one today

Until next time.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Up and Down couple of weeks.

And no, I'm not talking about my weight.  I still have not been on a scale but I don't feel I have gained any weight or anything.  I'm talking about my exercise for the past week and a half or so.  I started off strong last week like I said I would.  I walked Monday and Tuesday, but then Wednesday and Thursday my legs were aching so bad not because I was doing anything different but because I was just walking too much I think.  I don't mean the aching you get when you've walked too long, or done squats for 30 minutes straight.  This was a different sort of aching.  They ached so bad I couldn't hardly sleep.  Like a deep muscle ache I guess.  So I took a couple of days off to rest them and on Friday I hit the treadmill and walked for about half the time I usually do.

Fast forward to this week and I haven't walked a single day yet.  I've been rather stressed this past week and a half.  Not job related at all, in fact, I enjoy my job, I feel like I actually get shit accomplished there.  No, my stress stems from my home life.

My mom is sick.  She's been confirmed to have Bone Cancer.  They're trying to now decide is it able to be treated or is she just SOL like my father was in 2006 and if so, how long does she have roughly.  The issue she had in IL where we found her not breathing and unresponsive (and despite what she says I swear to god she had no pulse) was a result of the new medication they put her on because of the possibility of having Bone Cancer to try to help with the pain.  Bone cancer is very very painful, it makes your entire body hurt, she can barely walk, everything just hurts.  So, for obvious reasons, her temper fuse is extremely short.

Now.  I have 2 cousins that are going to be 13 and 12 in the next 3 weeks.  They're tweens.  Hell they're acting like teenagers anyway.  And you know how teenagers can be.  They can be mean, they can be spiteful, and they're very ungrateful for what they're given.  These teenagers that I love to hate sometimes, don't know about my mom's condition.  They just know that she's sick, and we chalked it up to her fibromialsia which is something they know she has getting worse.  However, they're onto the fact that something else is up.  My mom doesn't want to worry them since my dad died so quickly from cancer.  The older of the two asked me a couple of days ago if my mom is sick like my dad was.  It was so freaking hard to tell her it was the fibromialsia.  So that's one stressor for me.  I want these kids to know what's going on but my mom won't let me tell them.  They, of course, don't get it and they're all pissed off all the time because my mom snaps at them constantly.  You can imagine the yelling matches and stuff.

Luckily my job has me working from 2pm to 7pm.  So basically I'm gone by the time the kids get home from school and by the time I get home it's almost bed time for them.  I miss being around them but I don't miss the drama.  But when I get in the car from being picked up from work, D's always got some sort of stuff to bitch about with the kids and my mom.  He loves the kids to death but he thinks my mom's way too hard on them, and honestly I feel the same way but we feel like we're stuck between a rock and a hard place with no where to go.  We're stuck in one little tiny room in the house, any time we go outta that room with our stuff, it's given back to us within an hour of leaving it out in the living room which drives me bonkers.  Feels like we're always being told to go back to our cage or something.  My mom is like a Nazi with bed times and going out and stuff, and she wasn't like that before.  These kids still have to be in bed by 8, and when I was their age I was staying up until 9 because I always watched Star Trek.  Then by the time I was in HS I was up until 10 or 11 every night, sometimes later if I had lots of homework.

But I digress.

My problem is I feel like we're constantly stuck in stress land with no where to go to unwind.  You'd think that a good walk would destress me but it doesn't.  I feel more stressed because I haven't walked because I feel like I'm failing when it comes to trying to lose weight but fuck me it's hot outside during the day.  Usually in the evenings it's still too hot.  Or last night I wanted to go for a walk but once I got home I was told I had to stay home because I needed to be there in case the AC guys came.  Our motor for the AC blower went out late in the afternoon.

I'm doing fine on eating, and that alone should help me continue to lose albeit at a slower rate than I would if exercising too.  As stressed as I am if I find myself looking around for something to eat I just remind myself that it's emotional eating and walk away.  I stick to my three meals a day and have fruit while at work.  That's all I allow myself.  When I do eat some "non healthy" food, like yesterday when I had a brat and some sour cream and onion chips for the first time in a long time, I measure everything out and stick to ONE serving.  Last night we had Subway since we didn't want to heat up the already hot house even more by cooking.  I had a 6 inch oven roasted chicken breast sandwich with lettuce, tomato, a small amount of black olives, spinach, and red onion with one light swipe of light mayo and a little salt and pepper.  Saved the other 6 inch portion of it for lunch today.  I also shared half a bag of cheddar flavored sun chips.  I was pretty full after that dinner.

Now I just need to get my fat ass motivated again to walk some more...ugh

Until next time... 

Monday, August 9, 2010

A review of my accomplishments and a look ahead...

So, it's Sunday!  End of the week for me, new week starts tomorrow both at work, at home, and on the weight loss front.  I figured I'd take the time, then, to review my accomplishments and look to next week at what I expect to do.

First of all, I got up every day this week, Monday through Friday and walked.  Some days were lighter than others but the fact remains that I exercised 5 times this week!  That was my goal and for the first time in a long time I finally met it.  So I'm really proud of myself :)

I found my "perfect walk" pattern in the area.  I also used the car to figure out roughly how long of a walk it is.  It's about 2 miles.  That's pretty damn good to be walking every morning which is what I'm going to be doing ^.^  Right now it takes me almost an hour to walk that far.  Kind of slow, but my plan is to walk it faster within a month and then I'll look into expanding my walking area.

I have stayed off the scale since the 26th of July.  No peeking for me, not bad for a girl that usually weighs every day.

I found and purchased some supplies for my weight loss.  I had no real shorts or anything to walk in, just a couple of pairs of jean shorts and I was using my normal shirts thus running out of anything to wear rather quickly.  So I bought a few pairs of cloth shorts (size 20 mind you! I wore 26 or 24's when I started all this.  Granted, they are the stretchy cloth type but still!) and a headband to keep sweat out of my eyes so I can stop wearing a baseball cap.  Now I can walk in my new cloth shorts and a tank top.  Don't like it don't look is my motto.

I have stayed relatively on plan for eating.  That's not to say I haven't enjoyed eating out now and again but I've done so in such moderation my mother even wondered who I was and what I did with her daughter.  For example, D had a hankering for Taco Bell.  I had 2 hard shell tacos, that's it.  That's coming from someone that could easily eat 6 to 8 of those things.  Similarly when D wanted Wendy's (he's having a bad week from nightmares, so I'm not saying much about his eating out), I passed on eating there and ate chicken at home with some veggies instead.  Friday we got home real late, and stopped at Jack in the box, I ate half my teriyaki bowl and saved the rest for later, warming up some veggies to go with it.  All the other nights of the week we've ate at home and I've been eating whatever we make in moderation then too.

Finally I have completely given up caffinated beverages.  I've had one or two sprites this week but that's it.

So let's now look at the week ahead for what I want to accomplish.

I want to walk my perfect walk route all 5 days this week.  It'll be hard, my route is not easy for me.  It's all flat yes, but 2 miles is a long walk for me.  I will push myself to walk it all 5 days.

I want to continue to not drink caffine.  I've done good so far, but after a couple of weeks you end up with a craving, yeah that's the one i want to avoid...

I want to eat at home more.  It's hard for dinner, for me, to eat at home because I'm just getting home about 7:30 or 8pm and I'm usually really hungry and anything sounds good.  So I need to eat dinner at home more, even if I have to make it early in the day and warm it up when I get home.  I'd like to eat dinner at home Monday through Friday at least 3 times this week.  Weekends I don't count as part of my "goal week".  Don't get me wrong, I don't go gung-ho crazy eat whatever I want.  But those are my relax and rejuv days.  So if we do go out because we decided to go to dinner and a movie?  good!  lol.

Anyway that's that, I'm going to skeedadle outta here.

Until next time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ugh mornings kick my...

I dislike mornings.  I really do.  I am not a morning person in the least.  However, I'm happy to say that I have been 100% successful in getting my fat ass out of bed every morning this week by no later than 6:15 and getting out there walking as soon as I'm dressed.

In fact, this morning, I walked down to Broadway and around back to my house.  That's quite a walk.  Broadway happens to be halfway between here and Shell, which, if you remember, I posted last week I walked to and it totally kicked my rear.  So I'm working up to being able to walk there this coming end of the month to assess how much better I am getting fitness wise. 

See, this is what I'm doing.  Last week was a total bust.  I started off strong but ended up sicker than a dog for reasons beyond my control that had nothing to do with my weight loss.  It happens.  I accepted the fact that it royally screwed the pooch for me to start gungho like I wanted to.  The first day was just a get up and get moving day.  The second day D pushed me really hard to see how far was borderline too much for me.  We decided that we'd walk to Shell, which is quite a ways, a good 3 miles away one way.  Needless to say I was a puddle by the time I got home.  Yes, I made it but fuck if I wasn't dying by the end of my walk.  That afternoon my fever started, so I couldn't really walk anymore that week.  I did get in a couple of walks over the weekend, but that was out of necessity not necessarily because I wanted to.  Weekends are my "rest time" where if I go for a walk, fine, if not, that's fine.  I usually end up with exercise anyway because I do housework, yard work, pool time, so on and so forth all throughout the weekend.  This weekend, for example, we plan on going to the nearby waterpark.  So I'm sure I'll get some exercise there too.  If I take a day off during the week for some reason, I may pick up a day on the weekend, but I haven't decided yet.

This week I've been working on finding that "perfect" walk path to take that is enough to make me feel it, but not so much that I am dying by the time I get home.  I started off doing 2 blocks Monday, moved it to two laps of 2 blocks around my house Tuesday, was going to try to do more on Wednesday but I had to take my car in to get checked, so I couldn't ended up just doing 2 blocks twice like Tuesday.  Then today I walked to Broadway, around and then back down to our house and that was as perfect as it gets.  By the time I got home I was sweating, breathing heavier than normal, and my legs felt quite a bit like jello.  So I'll do it again tomorrow to finish out the week and do it for the next week or two or three until I feel like I'm adjusting to it then add a streetlight to my walk which would be basically the length to shell and back.  Out here there's lots of side streets that I refer to as "blocks" and then major intersections that have lights which are the "light blocks".  Broadway and around to our house again is a "light block".  It in corporates like 6 or 7 of the smaller blocks. 

So there's my plan, and hopefully by the 26th I'll have lost some weight, and on the 27th I'll be able to do my own little physical assessment and see I'm doing better overall.  :)

Until next time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good morning!

So I'm back from my morning walk.  I walked by myself today, D started having a huge leg spasm at some point yesterday and so his leg is really sore.  I decided to give him the day off.  Myself, I had a leg cramp yesterday right when I woke up, you know the kind where your whole leg tries to curl up on itself and hurts SO bad?  Yeah that's the kind.  So needless to say I had a banana yesterday and this morning, potassium might be low.  Ain't anymore!  lol.  I walked anyway yesterday, even though the leg was a little sore, seemed to help.  It wasn't hurting the rest of the day but then this morning ugh my leg hurt!  Regardless, I got up and did my walk this morning.  I walked around our block twice, took a little over half an hour.  I also shocked the pool and in about an hour I'm going to go back out and skim off the bugs (thanks to the kids that decided leaving the light on all night would be a good idea) and get in the pool for some swimming exercise. 

I am sticking on plan.  I've been up both days this week at 6am to do my exercise.  I've also been eating well and not overeating or snacking on sweets etc.  I eat cereal generally for breakfast, sometimes a half a bagel, other times a couple of packets of oatmeal.  Lunch is generally large because I'm trying to get ready to work over the dinner hour so I need to eat a bigger lunch and smaller dinner.  Then dinner is generally small.  Yesterday I made mini pizza's with an English muffin, sauce, a little meat, cheese and some mushrooms.  Wasn't bad at all.  Tonight I think I am going to make some chicken, need to get some propane for the grill.  Hard to grill chicken if your grill is out of propane rofl.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Until next time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New week!

So after being sick as a dog most of last week, a little bit of a crazy rollercoaster of a weekend, I'm back to my old self today.  As I posted before, from Tuesday mid morning on I was sicker than a dog.  I felt sick to my stomach, was running a fever, and so on.  Funny thing is, despite the crazy long walk we did that morning, I didn't ever really feel sore.  Probably because I slept through most of the week?  lol. 

On Thursday I had a total breakdown, was just bawling and even the little things set me off.  No, it wasn't that "time of the month" or anything like that.  I was just really upset because I'm still unemployed and my bank account has been dwindling down to next to nothing.  I don't do unemployment well.  Even knowing I have a "free" roof over my head and food on the table I feel bad for having to live off my mom yet again when I'm damn near 30 years old.  Sucks.  Especially when I was just worried that D would go nuts here and just go back to NM or something.  Amazing what kind of dumbass things our brains come up with to upset us right?  Anyway...that's over.  Moving on.

But then on Friday I got a rather frantic phone call from the agency that I put an app in and even interviewed at a couple of places last month.  One of the places I had interviewed for needed people to work some backlogged stuff and they wanted to know if I was interested.  Sure, why not, lord knows I need money to replace some of this used up funds right?  So I said sure, and went through all the steps to start working this week.  I might start today, or it might be tomorrow, depends on if they get my drug test results back before I'm supposed to be to work at 2pm.  Hours aren't great, 2pm to 7 or 8pm, but it pays well, 15 bucks an hour which is what I was making before.  So 25 to 30 hours per week making more than I was working for 11 bucks an hour at that other place and I have a good chance of getting hired on permanently.  I'll take it yo!  Part time is better than no time imo.  I'll basically be making roughly the same amount I was working for that other position but it's much much closer (like 10 to 15 minute drive) and I don't have to work quite so many hours to get the same amount of money.

The great thing?  Working these hours will leave me with plenty of time still to focus on my weight loss.  This is really important to me.  I have been working hard to get up and move every morning Monday through Friday, even if all we do is walk around the block (it's a big block, about a mile) it's still more than sitting around all day which is what I usually do.  That coupled with better eating means I'll lose weight.  But no updates on my weight loss for a month, I promised D I wouldn't step on the scale until the 26th.  Not that I wouldn't touch it cuz I need to move it now and again in the bathroom but just wouldn't weight myself :P  Must admit it feels more...free I guess, not feeling like OMG I FORGOT TO WEIGH or something stupid. 

The only really bad thing that happened this week besides getting sick was that my car was SO dead I couldn't open it with the keylocker thing.  No big deal right? Just open it with the key?  Yeah I found out after owning the car for 6 years that my key works only in the ignition, doesn't work in the doors or trunk.  So I had to call a lock smith to have him make me a new key, then I jumped the car and ran it for like 30 minutes.  Shut it off, went back inside for a few hours, came back out and got in it and poof, again it's dead.  Not quite as dead as the first time, but still wouldn't start.  So I think my battery is dead or dying, probably the heat plus the fact that I haven't driven it in like 2 months straight lol.  Joy more freaking car repair bills.  This car so isn't worth it.../sigh...

Anyway, for now I'm off, I'm going to see if I can get my car fixed.

Until next time.