Friday, October 8, 2010


Says it all really.  Lots of issues this week.

I've been trying to find a doctor in the area, and I've realized just how hard it is to find a new doctor.  How do you know if someone's decent?  And the fact that I have absolutely NO clue what's "nearby" in downtown Phoenix is kind of killin' me when it comes to finding a nearby doctor.  Joy. 

I worked this week on getting some stuff switched over to the new place.  I had to get our internet switched so that it'd be "on" for when we move in, ready for us to get connected.  Regardless if my computer's hooked up, I still need internet access for work, so had to be ready by the time we move in.  Got that all arranged today on my drive home from work.  Made the drive home go much quicker that's for sure.  Now it's just a matter of getting some stuff ready to go, I need to get some packing tape, and a few things that I know I'm going to need, like a rolling laundry basket.  I have a laundry basket I can use in the home, but since I have on site laundry and it's not too far away rollng laundry would be nice, especially for those times when you have more than one basket of laundry to do :)

Weight loss is sucking.  I don't even want to look at the scale.  I have a new office-mate that started on Monday.  She's really nice, just having a baby, and is breast feeding so she pumps pretty regularly and that's fine, no big deal we're both women I can handle it.  She's really cool about it, asks if it's ok, though lately she's been asking if I had anywhere to go so that way I'm not like doing the potty dance for the 15 minutes.  No big deal.  But we both like to eat, and we're both overweight and so it's kinda ugh.  We ate out two times this week and I'm trying to avoid it!  lol.  But she said we could always go for a walk at lunch time, that'd be nice to have a walking buddy if it works out alright.  We get along, so that's nice.  Plus she's real big on decorating, which is awesome since we're kind of gonna be locked into this halloween decorating thing.  See, I was going to decorate so I got a couple of small decorations to hold me over until I got paid.  But then the office lady next to me, yeah she totally decorated the hell out of her office.  And oh it was on like donkey kong!  It'll be fun to get some decorations within a budget of less than 30 bucks total.  Dollar store is my friend /nod nod lol.

So I'm hoping to lose some, or at least not gain.  I'm sure the actual move itself will help in that department.  That and being able to eat a "real meal" at lunch time because I won't have to worry about it getting soggy on the way to work will be nice. 

I need to work out more, eat less and get off the damn sugar kick I've been on lately.  /sigh I hate being fat.  >.<

Until next time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally! An end to the Madness!!!

Ok, so if you've been reading at all since I came back to the blogging world, you know about my current living arrangement situation.  I'm currently living with my mother who, bless her heart, tries her best to make us feel welcome, but you know how it is...once you've lived on your own, it's hard to go back and live in a parents house again.  *Especially* if you've got a significant other that isn't used to/doesn't understand etc how the parent is.  D tries, he really does, but there's 5 people living in a 3 bedroom, two of which are teen/tween's, and it honestly just doesn't work.

Well starting October 22, that'll all change.  We're moving to a new apartment on the 22nd of October, up by where I work.  I'll no longer have to get up at the crack ass of dawn to go to work, I can sleep in until *gasp!* 7am.  Or get up at 6am to work out before going to work.  O...M....G!  LIFE OF LUXURY!  lol.  The new place is about 2 or 3 miles from work, and it avoids all interstate driving.  I leave the apartment complex, drive to the main street that runs nearby, drive straight south about 2 or 3 miles and pull into the work's parking lot.  That's it!  Best of all?  It's only 599 a month ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED SCORE!  lol.  For damn near downtown Phoenix, I'll take it!  We've visited the complex, the lady is really nice, she showed us around.  The nearby area is pretty decent, the houses nearby all have lawns/rock areas that are maintained, there's a row of businesses in front of us and a mall down the street that all don't look too shabby.  As neighborhoods go it's acceptable.  Might be a little traffic noisy especially during the peak hours, but I don't mind traffic, I used to live right off greek row in college, which had a very busy street and it could be pretty noisy.  It's near 3 different grocery stores, a mall, my work, and to top it all off, it's on the first floor which is just freaking awesome.  I'm really stoked can you tell?

So I have to talk to my boss person and work something out for that week when it comes to my hours.  I'm going to see if I can just work 4 10's and then have that Friday off to pack the truck, or maybe work 4 9's and take off by 11 provided I go in at 7 so I can pack the truck.  Then Saturday will be the big move and Sunday will be the OMG I have way too much stuff and I'm too tired to unpack day in which I will attempt to unpack some of the important stuff and order out for the evening's meal followed by some much needed sleep by that point I'm sure.

D's stoked too, it'll be nice for us to have our own place.  We'll be far enough from my mom that she won't just randomly pop in any time she wants, but close enough to help out if she needs it. 

Don't get me wrong.  I absolutely love my mom, but like most parental units as you grow up, you can only take so much of them before you're ready for your own space again.  My mom'll do anything for you, and that's great.  But sometimes she gets a little over zealous.  D and I have an understanding that we'd talked about before we moved out here that the first person to get a job would work, and the other would have to wait (or find a job really close by) because we only have one vehicle (which btw is on "hospice" and is ready to die soon).  Well my mom's been really over zealous about it, especially with me coming home so tired about how he should be working blah blah blah and it's really frustrating to both of us.  This last time she got started in on it I had to tell her to quit that she'd raised me to be independent and a bread winner so I wouldn't have to rely on a man to bring home all the bacon and that she can't have it both ways for me to be assertive and independent yet willing to sit at home while he worked.  I just happened across my job first /shrug.

Anyway, so I'm excited, things are looking up and once we get settled and I get myself a treadmill for home that I HAVE ROOM FOR NOW!....I'll be on the downward trend!  Until then, I'm endevoring to get up at least 3 days a week and work out on mom's at 5am, and just trying to watch what I eat so I don't gain much if any until we get settled.

Until next time.