Friday, February 27, 2009

No exercising for me this weekend :(

So starting a couple of days ago I developed like...little bumps on the underside of my foot, right on the ball of my heel. At first they just kinda itched, and which isn't entirely unheard of given my track record of horribly calloused feet (there's a reason I get a pedicure every 2 months, if I don't my feet crack and boy does that hurt). I didn't think much about it until I woke up yesterday morning and could barely walk and the little bumps had spread to my other foot now too.

So I made an appointment this morning for the doctor (I got here in a few minutes). My feet itch and hurt so bad to walk on it's horrible, so unless it gives up a little the most exercising I will get this weekend will include maybe some weight lifting (I Have 2 5 pound weights at home), and stretching.

My weekend is already pretty packed as it is. I have this Dr. appt this morning, an eye doctor appointment this afternoon (I so need new glasses) and then a trainer appointment on Saturday to learn the machines (I missed last Saturday's, I didn't realize what time it was until I was 20 mins late), and then a nutrition appointment with the trainer on Sunday. Talk about lots of stuff to do aye?

Not to mention I have an assignment that's due on Monday that's driving me bonkers. I can't find any of the terminiology I'm supposed to look up in any of the chapters we're supposed to read. /sigh

Oh well, off to my appointment I go. I'll update later.



  1. Hmmm... That is something I have never heard of before (the bumps not the cracking and callousing... something about excessive weight promotes that stuff). Let us know what went wrong with your feet! I feel terrible for you!

  2. Accordin' to the Doc it's a fungal infection, and with the callousing that I have with my feet anyway I'm more susceptable to it than most...soooo I get to soak my feet and put medicine on it. She said it'll take a while to clear up but that it shouldn't be quite so painful after Monday. Woo! lol I doubt it has anything to do with my weight loss, I've been slow but steady since I started (1 to 2 pounds per week). Thankfully :)

    Though I will say I think medical scales are rigged to make you bigger than you are! >.> Swear if I get one more doctor to tell me to lose weight I'm going to scream, especially when I'm already trying.