Friday, February 13, 2009

Last post for a week! (probably)

So I thought I'd post one last time before I jet, got a lot to get done still but I'm giving myself a mini-lunch break. :)

I hit the ground running this morning at about 7, didn't bother with my usual morning shower because I knew I'd jsut be going to work out and want to shower again when I got home. By 8am (after breakfast (Cereal and Milk) and a bottle of water) I was standing in front of the DMV waiting for it to open so I could get my plates switched. Got that done, came back home and cleaned my entire kitchen including the stove, inside of the fridge and microwave, and then picked up any trash/extra stuff laying around. Just have the bedroom and living room to tackle and vacuum and I'm done with the house. I'm waiting until D (the BF) gets one so that I can get him to help me bring the stuff up out of my car. I'd do it myself but going up and down the stairs so much gets me very winded, I'd rather NOT have an asthma attack kthxbai. Good for me yes, in moderation, I'm not in that good of shape yet. But I have brought up 2 things out of my car so far today, from both times of going out and coming home, gotta go up the stairs anyway might as well carry something right?

Anyway, so about 10:45ish am I ran to the gym, did a 45 minute walk at 2.5 speed alternating between 3 and 4% incline. My legs were jello after. Did a little stretching, hopped back in my car, swung by subway (rather than go do grocery shopping on a hungry tummy) and came home to eat. I got a foot long oven roasted chicken with lettuce, tomato, onion and black olives, and one thin swipe of light mayo (about a tbs I'd guess) and a bag of baked lays potato chips. I've noticed when I get a foot long it's too much but not enough with just half. I decided to try the baked chips today to see if that helped and it did. I get the foot long cuz they're 5 bucks right now vs. the 4.02 for a 6 inch. I save the second half for later, whether it be lunch the next day, dinner tonight, whatever don't matter, still good :)

So next on my to do list today is to finish up the house, bring up my stuff out of the car, go to get some groceries for D so he has something to eat while I'm gone most of the time this coming week and do the laundry >.> HATE LAUNDRY but it needs to get done :)

I have some pretty heavy duty stuff planned this week, my mom is flying in tomorrow morning around lunch time. Me, her, the girls, my friend Ken, his wife Robin and their daughter "'Stina" are all going to go to grab a quick bite to eat and then to the.....ZOOOOOOOO!!!!! XD 2 to 3 hours of walking fun woo! After that I dunno, maybe we'll hit up some shopping or something, some other sort of sight with them. I think it'll be a blast! :) I'm SO taking my camera, so be prepared for pictures! lol.

Anyway, I leave now to go get some stuff accomplished. I may post again, especially if I have pictures, we'll see. I know that my mom has to go back to the hotel to sleep sometime (unfortunately my one bedroom apartment is not NEAR big enough to house all 5 of us by far and so my mom opted for a hotel room). So maybe when I come home if I"m not dead tired, I'll post stuff.

Until then!


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  1. It kind of sounds like you are a woman on a mission! I hope your week is good and that with all of the busy-ness you are able to stay focused! UMMM- GOOD JOB ON THE TREADMILL!