Thursday, February 5, 2009


I went to the YMCA today and signed up for membership. I'll start going tomorrow. Would've went today but it was impromptu and I don't think I should be working out in work clothes and high heels :P

It was 88 dollars for today but that's ok. It'll be worth it so long as I use it. :) It makes me happy to know I can go use the treadmill and such. I also set up a fitness eval and orientation for the 21st. She's already booked this weekend and next weekend my mom is in town so so much for that idea, but next weekend after that I'm available :)

So anyway that's all for now, keep checkin' back for more lovely posts from meeee! :)



  1. Thats cool that ya joined up! back in like 2003 I joined the YMCA and NEVER went! I wish I had because I think all I needed was the kick in the rump to get me moving and I could have started this 6 years ago! and been thin right now ;) good on you for joining up!

    As Ever

  2. They have a new system now (at least at this one) called Mobilefit. It's free, you sign up for it when you go in for your first orientation, the trainer helps you configure a workout you want, and then if you want to change it up you can decide what sort of work out you want each day if you wanted to (for those of us who suck at picking the right exercises to target certain areas). Then at the end of each exercise at the Y, either there or at home you put in what you worked on how many reps or how long depending on cardio or strength training and it gives you an idea of what you burned for that day.

    If for some reason you don't log anything for 2 weeks or "check in" at the Y for 2 weeks it flags your account and they give you a call. Sort of like a reminder of hey you're slacking off! I think I'll like it. :)