Thursday, February 5, 2009

After being as diligent as possible on this new lifestyle of mine, chinese food last night was heaven. Sure I've ate out a couple of times, but Chinese food is my ultimate favorite food. I ordered a bunch of different types of chinese food cause it was me and the boyfriend eating it, and had a little of everything. I hadn't gotten a chance yesterday to eat breakfast, and my lunch was only 6 points, so I had like 27 points left for the rest of the day. Before I went to get the food, I researched the point values on WW of the stuff I was ordering and when I got home I measured out the portions that corresponded with the points I researched earlier and oh I was so in heaven, happy and full. :) I used 24 points on dinner (NOT something I normally do) and saved the last three for a snack later in the evening if I so chose (which I did have a cheesestick about 8pm). Best dang use for the 24 points in a long time lol. Yes, I realize chinese food is full of sodium, and yes I know it's not the most healthy choice, but if I don't live once in a while by having food I enjoy I'll be miserable and much less likely to stick with the program. For now, it's back to eating the normal good for me food :) I do, however, have to figure out what I'm having for dinner, as my BF has his daughter tonight so it's just me! Grocery store after work here I come! lol.

But anyway, beyond that, it's Thursday, I'm getting off work early tonight (woohoo!) because the Doc has to catch a plane to SanDiego for some meeting over the weekend and life is good :)

I hope today finds everyone well. For now I am off, I have a homework assignment to continue to plug away at :)



  1. it's interesting you mentioned using your points in such a way. I'm not doing WW, but I'm definitely being WAY more observant of my caloric allowance for the day. It's kinda cheating on some days when I'm eating really crappy choices, but it's kinda a victory, because I'm not going over the limit that previously I'd bulldoze through with gusto.

  2. The thing WW stresses most is that it's a lifestyle change, not a diet. So I'm changing my life. I'm eating a hell of a lot better than I ever have before, but still enjoying things I like. For example, if I want a piece of cake for my birthday, I can, I just have to realize that either I will have to dip into my weekly points that are available, or I need to make sacrifices earlier in the day (like eat a lighter lunch or something).

    I'd been good for around 3 weeks pretty much eating exclusively at home and eating good for me food. When I saw not only how many points I needed to eat but what time it was when I got off yesterday I decided to get chinese. So I did, and I ate within my point limit and I don't feel guilty as all.

    It's all about moderation :)