Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of those days...

Short post today folks. I'm having a good day food wise, water wise, but I plan on going home, eating half a subway sub and going to bed. Last night I think I finally fell asleep about 3:15am and the boyfriend was still awake when I got up for work this morning at 6:30am. Why? I dunno. I was sorta tired when I laid down, my boyfriend said he wasn't tired so he was playing the playstation that's in our bedroom. Doesn't bother me to have music or game stuff playing in the background when I'm trying to go to sleep. I actually find it relaxing. You know how most people complain video game music is too redundant? Well it's good sleeping music lol.

We were just kind of laying there joking and then all went quiet and...nothing. Couldn't sleep. I tossed, I turned, he even gently "woke me" at one point because he said it sounded like I was having a nightmare, don't remember. Needless to say no real sleep came to me. So...no real creative juices flowing today folks (as if there are most times lol), I'm going home to get a much needed long sleep.


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  1. I hope you sleep good tonight. I've been having trouble sleeping too because of all the anxiety over losin my job but I think things are getting back on track. I moved my blog (long story, don't ask) I'm now at http://siftying50.blogspot.com. Come see me!