Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something I've noticed

A lightbulb moment if you will.

Have you ever ate well for so long that if you DO decide to eat something that may not be too good for you it makes you downright ill? I'm sure everyone is going to say "Oh meeeee!" I was just thinking about how I used to feel all the time vs. how I feel now. Sure I'm probably a little more tired in the mornings (lack of soda!), but I no longer feel sick every day. In fact, I've found that so long as I hop through the shower in the mornings I'm MORE awake than I ever was when drinking soda. I have had a sprite or two since giving up soda, but that's a far cry from the 12 pack diet dew I was drinking almost every day. It's usually when I go out to eat that I'll have a sprite. If they don't have sprite, I drink water. I'll have one sprite and then I'll ask for just water refills. And then there's many other times when I just ask for water period. All depends on my mood, the occassion, etc I suppose.

And to think that most people eat this way (including myself until this year) and feel sick yet ignore it. I remember many a day when my stomach would be upset and I'd shurg it off no big deal. I really notice it now because I don't feel that way all the time! I've been eating pretty well since my mom left. I had a really good dinner last night. I bought some of those Frenches fried onions and rolled chicken tenders in some egg that I seasoned, and then into the fried onions. I made half the pack onion heavy for D and the other half onion light. It worked out well. I'd have liked them a little crunchier but m'eh, not bad tasting for my first try at making them. I made some homny to go with it, just a dab of light butter so it wouldn't stick and let it cook for a few minutes. Was yummy. I had an orange afterwards for a fruit, had my full 8 glasses of water over the course of the day.

I was also thinking about something else today, that was brought up in one of my master's degree classes. One of the other ladies was asking if going to the graduation ceremony was really worth it or if it was more like the high school ones that were m'eh at best (I personally skipped mine, I graduated in August of 2000 instead of May 2001 with the rest of my class and didn't go back for the graduation). Anyway, I was thinking about how a couple of months ago I wouldn't have wanted to go. It's mostly because of my weight, as much as I would sit there and deny it. Flying on an airplane, having to sit in a fold up chair for long periods of time, etc. It was just something I really didn't want to hassle with. But now that I'm losing weight, knowing that I have a full year until I get done, and about another 3 months after that to actually go to the graduation makes me want to go. Maybe I'll even be down to my goal weight by then eh? :)

But yea, just something I've noticed, recently. I've got some work to get done and homework to work on here before I get off this afternoon, so I will have to end it here. I hope everyone has a great day!


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  1. You'll enjoy the graduation. It's a special event.

    Best wishes.