Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh the evils of eating out!

Whew! Today was a long day! I picked my mom and cousins up from the airport and we went to the ZOOOOO! I'd have pictures but my dumbass forgot my camera in my friend Ken's car! Anyway, so we had a blast, we walked around for close to 3 hours, got on the train, rode it to the aquarium where we walked for another HOUR in the aquarium before we had to catch the train back to the zoo and then get in the car and go (it was getting a little windy and chilly by then). We also decided to eat something as a hold me over while we were in the park and my mom got fries, I had exactly 5 fries. I stopped there, and had one bite of my cousin's pretzel bread thing and a bottle of water. I avoided the temptation to eat much there knowing it was all fried food, and not good for me. We decided to go to eat as a finisher to the day and they chose Golden Corral as the dinner spot...all you can eat steak buffet....


I was a good girl (mostly) tonight. I had a 3 oz (roughly, maybe 4) piece of grilled steak, less than 3 oz piece of pork, about 3 fork fulls of santa fe rice, a small helping of lasagna (about half the size of a pack of cards), 3 fork fulls of mac and cheese, a roll and a full helping of green beans and corn and about half a helping of steamed brocolli (all they had out at the time). I also had dessert, which was a piece of carrot cake but I ate the cake and left most of the frosting. There was a hint of frosting inbetween the 2 cake layers and that was enough for me frosting wise.

I am pleasently surprised. I did not stuff myself. I did not make absolutely horrible choices. I tried to limit my intake while still enjoying the foods I like. Let me put this into perspective for you. Prior to tonight I would've gone up for at least a 3rd if not 4th plate. I would eat mostly meat, fried chicken, porkchops, roast beef, steak....I would have mashed potatoes, gravy and god only knows what else, no veggies and a big helping of ice cream with lots of toppings to finish the night. By spreading my food out on my plate in small segments I cut down my food intake. I made myself think I had more on my plate than I really did!

Was it a lot of calories for the day? Perhaps. Obviously I can't count my points. But having walked around so much all day, I think I worked most of it off before I even got there! lol. In the end I honestly think I made pretty good choices when faced with such a daunting array of food and a good portion of it not being all that good for me.

Well, it's late. I'm tired. I have to pick up my mom and the kids tomorrow morning early, we're going shopping. :) So, until my next post!


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