Monday, February 2, 2009

February Goals and a weekly dose!

I decided to shoot for some goals for the month, and then lay out my monthly goals. Some of them will, obviously, be redundant, but it's good to write them down!


1. Drink the daily 8 8oz glasses of water.
2. Exercise 4x weekly (30 min. cardio min.)
3. Try one new recepie per week
4. Look into getting a Y-pass.
5. Enjoy my time with my mom when she comes to visit.
6. See 2 new sights while she's here with the kids. (Museums, Historical Sights...Roswell anyone?!).

This Week's goals:
1. Drink the daily 8 8oz glasses of water.
2. Exercise 4x weekly (30 min cardio min.)
3. Try one new recepie
4. Finish my homework before Sunday night.

I tried the 5 days a week exercising and I think it was too much for my body to handle right now. I ended up with a very sore calf muscle that really restricted what I could do on Saturday. It did not feel well at all. So I think if I can space it out a little better, and do one less day for now, I will be better off. I'm going to try to get in 4 45 minute sessions. I did 30 minutes of cardio and 15 of yoga/strength on Sunday and I was more tired but felt like I had a better workout. So we'll try that. I will also go down to the YMCA this week on Friday and see about maybe getting a trial period or pass day or something to try it out. Sundays would probably be the best time to work out for me there since there wouldn't be many people in the morning (this place is chauk full of church goers). But it'll give me the ability to use a treadmill, which I find to be so nice.

I also got 4 new cookbooks from one of the hygenists here at work. LOTS of new recepies to try so I want to try one a week. I need to broaden my horizons or I will quickly get bored with my food choices. However, I was raised meat, potatos and peas/greenbeans/corn. That's all my dad would eat, so that's all we really ate at my house. So now when I'm confronted with new choices I'm like...eeehhhhh....I dunno.... Hopefully these new cookbooks I got to look over will help a bit. :)

Anyway I need to skiddadle!


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  1. Trying new recipes is such a great idea. Keeps us out of the ruts!

    I'm also a Libra AND year of the dog. I'm a much older dog though! lol

    Looking forward to reading your blog. After I get some sleep. I'm an old dog remember? :-)