Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Wednesday!

So, it's Wednesday (WHAT?!) already. Hard to believe for me I guess, week is just flying by. I'm really excited, my mom's tickets are purchased for her and my two cousins to come and visit me. I'm really hoping she likes it here because I'd love for her to live nearby. I miss my mom a lot, we're really close, even more so since my dad passed away back in '06.

I don't know if I ever really explained my two cousins. My mom is legal guardian of them. They are my cousin's two children. He has been unable to care for them since they were born, the mother got tired of having them around and thus my mom took them in. Better to keep the children in the family in a loving, caring home, than to have them out somewhere in foster care. Anyway, we took them in when I was 17, and they were 2 and 1 (they're 11 months apart). Now they're 11 and 10. So in a way, they're basically my sisters, but in an effort to not upset them I continue to call them my cousins because they're at that age when they're trying to decide what they want. Do they want to call my mom "mom"? They've asked me, my mom's asked me, and as far as I am concerned, my mom is a hell of a lot better mother than their fail mother ever was or will be (she has no legal rights to them anymore). If they want to call her their mother, I'm willing to share that with them, no problem. But until they approach me about wanting to call me their sister or vice versa, cousins it is. I leave it to them to decide, it is their life after all.

So if my mom does decide to move out here, she'd be bringing the girls with her. I'm pretty excited. I miss them all, as much as I scoff at the girls being around sometimes (THEY GRATE MY NERVES WITH THEIR FIGHTING!), when they're being good it's actually nice having them around. They're getting to the age now where they're starting to grow up in how they act. Not always, obviously, as they're approaching the whole teenage era of their lives, but usually they're pretty good.

Recently, on Superbowl day, the youngest of the two girls, Julie, called me from my mom's cell and asked (without saying hello first mind you, she's so exciteable), "Are you going to watch the Superbowl!?" Of course, my response was no, and she said I needed to come to my Uncle's for the party (yes let me just hop right on the airplane, be there in a few! lol).

It'll be a challenge, while they're here, to eat correctly. I kind of expect to gain a pound or two while they're here. Don't get me wrong, my mother is extremly supportive of my weight loss goal, but we'll be out and about a lot, and right now I pretty much stay home and eat. If I start going out and about I don't know how I'll react. So we'll see.

Beyond that, today's been pretty uneventful. I didn't get up in time to eat breakfast, I hate when that happens. I've been staying up a little later than normal, and should quit doing that but ahh well whatcha gonna do. That and it's been so cozy in my bed! XD

I have an assignment due on Monday, going to try to work on it and get it done tomorrow. I've already started it but it's slow going. My ability to focus on an assignment seems to be to gone. I've been having a lot of concentration problems since my father passed in '06. It's gotten better but no where near where it used to be. :(

Oh well. I guess I'll stop rambling. The short of it is, today is a good day. No problems on my end really. Hopefully this weekend will be as nice outside as today, I'd really like to start going for a walk and I think I have an interesting idea to keep me interested in walking around town. I want to start taking pictures of interesting things I find as I walk. :) Digital cameras ftw.


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  1. I'm glad that you'll get to spend time with your mom and cousins (sisters). I have a hard time being away from family and I know how nice it is to be reunited.

    I hope you'll post photos of what you discover. Blogs are much more enjoyable with pictures.

    Have a nice evening.