Thursday, February 12, 2009

A mini-weigh in

Today marked the end of the challenge on WW, so I had to weigh myself to get the final tally. According to the Wii Fit I'm at 275.1, my own scale that I've had forever (and wanted to see how far off it was) said 274.6. But I'll be good and take the higher of the two numbers. :) I am .1 away from the 10pound mark. woot!

I've been really worried about when my mom comes, what we're going to do, eating out, her meeting the BF (yikes!). You see, my mom, because of all the trials and stuff we went through as a family with my dad, is kind of hard to read and get along with. Don't get me wrong, she's the nicest person ever, and would drop everything to help anyone. But she's got this...gruff bubble exterior you have to get passed, and she's a huge into religion and so sometimes jokes and stuff don't really fly with her. Basically she seems to be like a "witch" but only until she lets her wall come down a little. I'm not too worried about boyfriend not liking her because, frankly I don't think he'd care one way or the other. I'm not worried about my mom not liking him because she knows I'm happy and so she will be happy if I'm happy. I just want everyone to get along! The whole mother in law thing horror stories I've heard, don't want to be a part of that! lol. What's nice is when I first mentioned my mom was coming I didn't get the usual "Where is she going to stay" response I was expecting. My BF surprises me all the time, I guess I've just had a lot of duds in my years of dating lol. He just asked when, and for how long, and when her flight was getting in, if I could have Ken (our friend) take me to the airport since she was coming in so god awful early...But never once did he balk about it, or complain about it, sound annoyed or anything. Was nice. :)

I have so much to do tomorrow OYE! I have to get my plates for my car done, work out (Friday through Sun are my Y days), get some semblence of groceries in the house for BF to have something to eat while I'm off galavanting with my family, finish moving the stuff up from my car, finish my homework assignment that's due on Monday, possibly clean out the BF's truck if I get ambitious, and clean up my house. Wow, I have a lot to do! lol. Maybe I better start tonight while the BF has his daughter...

So anyway, I'll probably "disappear" after tomorrow. Fret not, I will not have fallen off the bandwagon, I'll just be incredibly busy :)



  1. Great job on the 10 pounds! (and I would have went with the lower scale lol)