Monday, February 23, 2009

Another weigh in day!

Interestingly enough I was pleasently surprised today at my weigh in as soon as I crawled out of bed. I'd expected a rather even weight or maybe a slight loss considering how much I'd ate out with my mom and the fact that this weekend I was just so tired for some reason...I barely exercised. Instead I hopped on the scale this morning and was slapped with a 1.9 pound weight LOSS. >.> I'm very happy. That puts me at over 12 pounds lost since 1/9/09. I'm starting to notice it a little in my clothing finally. My brand new bras that I just bought at the beginning of this year sometime are actually roomy now. I may have to retire the shirt I'm wearing today soon because it was a little big when I bought it (as I often do buy my shirts a little big) and now it feels *TOO* big. The kind of shirt feeling that you know everytime you shift your weight your bra strap shows? Yeah, I hate that. I also need to buy new pants. I have one pair of jeans (they're stretch) that fit me comfortably now and then even my dress slacks that were a little big are getting to be too big. I hate clothes shopping. I can only hope I'm in a definent size rather than being inbeween. I hate it when I'm inbetween, when the next size down is too small but the size I'm at is too big. lol

So I made a new weight loss challenge for me, 261 by St. Patrick's day. I was at 274.3 when I decided the goal weight, and it gave me exactly 31 days to get there. My original goal when I first joined WW was just 264.5, so if I can at LEAST make that by then I'll be happy. Even if I don't, well, then I don't, but 261 is what I'm shooting for. I also made a goal of 10 points per week starting this week. I didn't do it for last week because I knew it wouldn't be a regular week. With the addition of a pedometer it should be much easier for me to track the little things I do every day beyond my normal walking. My new pedometer has the ability to allow me to count aerobic minutes. Meaning I either walked at 60 steps a minute or I walked for at least 10 minutes continously. I'm only going to count those when it comes to getting my points in. The rest I'm considering "normal" walking for the day.

It's so nice that it's getting warmer outside. It means more ability to walk outside during the evening. :)

Anyway back to work I go!


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  1. Congratulations on the continuing progress! That's great.