Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Almost over!

Well my mom's vacation is almost coming to an end, and while I love my mom and cousins to death, I'm ready to go back to my own routine. This whole eating out and such has me tired, irregular and just plain ready to go back to eating well again. Not that I'm eating un-well, but well, you know, at home I can control portions better, what kind of oil I use, etc, and I can't do that when I'm eating out. Plus I hate spending money and when my mom's around I seem to spend a lot of it. I've already spent my check that I just got on Monday between bills, stuff that I wanted and food...thank god for tax returns!

My mom is so supportive of me though. She bought me a Wok, and a good George Forman electric grill thing to use at home and a spice lazy susan for my counter and a thing of small 1/2 cup containers so I can split up fruit and stuff easier. Not to mention my Valentine's day gift was a new better homes and garden basic cook book and I also went to the store and got an easy to cook WW cookbook and an illustrated cook book that has the basics of cooking (such as how to poach things, steam things, etc, dunno how to do all that myself).

I'm just ready to go back to being at home more, exercising more, and chillin' out in a nice quiet room with D. :) I've missed him! lol. I'm sure he's missed me too, he's had to fend for himself pretty much most of the week...we've gone and ate at some places like Osaka's that he can't stand to go eat at because of the smell (fishy smell ick) or doesn't like the food.

And with that I'm going home. I'm at work right now, the girl covering for me had somewhere to be tonight and I'd told her if there were any additions to the schedule for today I'd come in, so here I am. But the day is almost over, I just have to close up shop after this patient leaves (sounds like they're almost done) and off to home I go!

See ya 'round!


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