Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A quicky!

Hey! Just popping in to say hello to everyone. I have been very busy the last few days, hanging with my mom and the kids. We've been to the Zoo on Saturday, went to Santa Fe to go shopping on Sunday and she met D and his family on Sunday night when we went to Olive Garden. On Monday we went back down to Santa Fe where I got a new phone service because my old cell phone was on the monthly plan (no contract left) and was old, and falling apart and there's no towers out here for that service so I had to pay extra for national service ugh. So I got Verizon cuz it's about the only thing that gets reception up here on the mountain and the phone is a nifty maroon color that flips up so you can type with it. Pretty neat I must say.

Anyway. We had a really nice home cooked meal here at home with me and the kids, D and our friend Ken and Robin. They drove up from Albequerque or however you spell it. Was a blast.

Today I'm going to see if I can't commender the SUV that D has and take the kids to the Four Corners, so they can stand in 4 states at once. They're all excited. Dunno if we can make it, requires driving through the mountains and who knows what it's like up there, but we'll try it. Worst that happens is we turn around and come back home. :)

Tomorrow is really the last day I have with my mom because they leave to go back to IL on Thursday mid morning and most of the morning will be spent getting them together and into the car and to the airport. But it's been a fun visit so far. I know if she does decide to move out here D and I will have to fly back to IL to help drive because she'll have a big UHaul and the car so someone's gotta drive something! lol. It'll be a long drive, it's 19 hours to here from there. Oye. Was bad enough when I drove 16 to get from Texas to here (Texas is HUGE when you drive across it!)

So yesterday was my official weigh in. I was kind of worried what the scale would say because of mom being here and eating out so much, but surprisingly I lost more weight than when I weighed myself earlier this week for the end of the challenge. From 2/9 to 2/16 (which is one week) I lost 2.4 pounds. In fact when I put my weight into the weigh in thing at WW, it "yelled" at me and said 2.4 was too much for one week. M'eh, it is mostly because of how much more active I've been! I'm sure some of it'll come back this week, I've been eating out more and drinking less water but walking around more so I dunno how it'll affect me, but I'm doing the best that I can and that's all that matters to me. It'll come off again easily because I am really watching what I'm eating, and not just going hog wild.

Anyway it's about time for me to pick them up for the day, so I'm gonna get outta here.

Ya'll have a good day!



  1. Yay for new phones :)

    And congrats on your 2.4 lost!

  2. 10lbs in a little over a month good job.