Monday, August 2, 2010

New week!

So after being sick as a dog most of last week, a little bit of a crazy rollercoaster of a weekend, I'm back to my old self today.  As I posted before, from Tuesday mid morning on I was sicker than a dog.  I felt sick to my stomach, was running a fever, and so on.  Funny thing is, despite the crazy long walk we did that morning, I didn't ever really feel sore.  Probably because I slept through most of the week?  lol. 

On Thursday I had a total breakdown, was just bawling and even the little things set me off.  No, it wasn't that "time of the month" or anything like that.  I was just really upset because I'm still unemployed and my bank account has been dwindling down to next to nothing.  I don't do unemployment well.  Even knowing I have a "free" roof over my head and food on the table I feel bad for having to live off my mom yet again when I'm damn near 30 years old.  Sucks.  Especially when I was just worried that D would go nuts here and just go back to NM or something.  Amazing what kind of dumbass things our brains come up with to upset us right?  Anyway...that's over.  Moving on.

But then on Friday I got a rather frantic phone call from the agency that I put an app in and even interviewed at a couple of places last month.  One of the places I had interviewed for needed people to work some backlogged stuff and they wanted to know if I was interested.  Sure, why not, lord knows I need money to replace some of this used up funds right?  So I said sure, and went through all the steps to start working this week.  I might start today, or it might be tomorrow, depends on if they get my drug test results back before I'm supposed to be to work at 2pm.  Hours aren't great, 2pm to 7 or 8pm, but it pays well, 15 bucks an hour which is what I was making before.  So 25 to 30 hours per week making more than I was working for 11 bucks an hour at that other place and I have a good chance of getting hired on permanently.  I'll take it yo!  Part time is better than no time imo.  I'll basically be making roughly the same amount I was working for that other position but it's much much closer (like 10 to 15 minute drive) and I don't have to work quite so many hours to get the same amount of money.

The great thing?  Working these hours will leave me with plenty of time still to focus on my weight loss.  This is really important to me.  I have been working hard to get up and move every morning Monday through Friday, even if all we do is walk around the block (it's a big block, about a mile) it's still more than sitting around all day which is what I usually do.  That coupled with better eating means I'll lose weight.  But no updates on my weight loss for a month, I promised D I wouldn't step on the scale until the 26th.  Not that I wouldn't touch it cuz I need to move it now and again in the bathroom but just wouldn't weight myself :P  Must admit it feels I guess, not feeling like OMG I FORGOT TO WEIGH or something stupid. 

The only really bad thing that happened this week besides getting sick was that my car was SO dead I couldn't open it with the keylocker thing.  No big deal right? Just open it with the key?  Yeah I found out after owning the car for 6 years that my key works only in the ignition, doesn't work in the doors or trunk.  So I had to call a lock smith to have him make me a new key, then I jumped the car and ran it for like 30 minutes.  Shut it off, went back inside for a few hours, came back out and got in it and poof, again it's dead.  Not quite as dead as the first time, but still wouldn't start.  So I think my battery is dead or dying, probably the heat plus the fact that I haven't driven it in like 2 months straight lol.  Joy more freaking car repair bills.  This car so isn't worth it.../sigh...

Anyway, for now I'm off, I'm going to see if I can get my car fixed.

Until next time.

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