Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 2

So yesterday was Day 2 of D and I working out together and losing weight together.  We walked down to Shell and back.  Took us almost 2 hours, it's that far away.  It's about 3 miles there and then we took a different way home and that was probably closer to 4 miles home.  So about 7 total miles round trip.  I was, obviously, very sore when we got home, we went to the store to get food, and came home and I felt so sick it was rediculas.  I thought it was just because I'd overdone it, but when I was laying on my bed trying to get myself together I started feeling really sick, ended up throwing up, took my temperature at my mother's insistance and oh joy running over 100 degrees.

So needless to say D won't let me do any exercising today because I am still running a fever.  Oh well there's always tomorrow...

Until next time.

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