Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's been a long week already.  Thursday of last week was exciting, I really nailed the state interview and by Friday they had called me back because the woman wanted me to come back to do a second interview so she can try to get me into a higher pay grade.  I'm down for that, more money good!  Saturday was spent pretty much all day finding an outfit for said second interview.  Then Sunday I relaxed a little and honestly couldn't tell you where my day went.

Now Monday I had to get up early and go to Phoenix for that second interview.  It was pretty quick and easy, some similar questions and she sent me on my way.  Within an hour of me leaving that interview they'd already hit up two of my references.  So I'm pretty sure I'm in like Flynn, and I'm not complaining.

Beware, below is a rant and has nothing to do with weight loss so you're welcome to skip it if you want...

Then Monday took a turn for the worst.  My car has been in the shop since the end of July.  What I thought was a leaking radiator turned out to be a possible busted head gasket or busted heads or both.  That wasn't why Monday went down hill.  I called the place on Thursday to make sure my car had been started on.  They've had it for a couple of weeks once we found out what was wrong and had said they hadn't started it prior because another car they were working on that had a similar problem was not cooperating and they only had one mechanic.  Well once I found out I did so well on that state job and would probably need a car asap I called to find out if they'd started on it yet because if not I was going to take it somewhere else to get it fixed so I'd have a car for my new job.  So when I called on Thursday they said "Oh yeah we took the heads off and sent them in a couple of days ago".  Ok, so I can't take my car, that's fine just try to get it done quickly ok?  Then on Saturday another guy from the shop calls me to tell me that they hadn't started on the car yet.  I was like what do you mean you haven't started, the guy Thursday told me the heads had been sent out already!  Oh I was pissed.  So I told him if you haven't started on it don't bother, I will be down to pick up my car today.  So I get down there at about 2:30 after we get done shopping and their shop is closed.  Sign says they're open until 5.  Pissed off meter rising....

I see my car in plain sight, so I walk over to it and they've got it blocked in and it's unlocked with the key on the floor of the floorboard.  Pissed meter rising even more.  I do NOT like my car unlocked for any reason.  I specifically told them that when I dropped my car off.  I said unless it's in their garage locked up I did not want my car left unattended and unlocked.  No there's nothing to really steal but I don't need to get my car back missing a radio or something.  I digress...

So my mom and I walk over to my car, pop the hood, nothing is touched, heads aren't off nothing.  We would've taken it right then if it hadn't been blocked in by an RV and another car.  Convinently enough the car had no engine so moving that one was out of the question and the RV was locked.  /rolls eyes.  Fine, so we locked my car up and took the key so that (we thought) they couldn't try to fuck us by making it so we can't pick it up on Monday.  The person that was there doing something else for a different company had said that they left early as they do on Saturdays, and then after we left he must have called the guy that runs the place and said we were there because he called me at about 6pm.  Said when they don't "have anything going on" they go home early on Saturdays.  And my thought was really, so you have nothing going on, when you COULD have been working on my car since I know they were also closed LAST Saturday.  I was like well let me tell you something, I looked at my car and nothing was done.  I want no one to touch it, I would've taken it right then but it was blocked in.  I took the key I do not want you to work on it and I will be back on Monday to pick it up and get a refund of the 400 dollars I put down to work on this car and he was trying to say oh but we can have it done by Friday (after he originally told me that it takes at least a week and a half to get the heads back and yet they haven't been sent out?) and I said no, don't do it, I do not want you to work on it anymore.  I left it at that and hung up.

So Monday comes around and I couldn't get out there at 8am when they opened because of my interview.  Finished the interview and got out there at about 11:30 and the guy that was supposed to be working on my car, probably not any older than me, and not the guy I'd originally talked to over the phone tells me oh I can give you the car back but I'm not giving you a full refund.  I was like well we didn't expect a full refund because our agreement was 30 bucks to find out what was wrong with it and he smirked and was like well I sent the heads off so you will have to pay for that too.  I was like WHAT?!  Omg I was so pissed!  I said show me my car, now.  So he takes me out back and pops the hood and low and behold my engine is completely torn apart.  I was like why the fuck did you take the heads off.  I specifically said DO NOT WORK ON IT.  He had already been getting rude with us and got all pissy and said I'm not going to argue with you, tow your fucking car out of here for all I care but you're getting no money back and your heads you'll have to pick up later.  He lied straight to my face and tried to say it was like that before he left on Saturday and stuck to that story even after I said he was lying because we were out here after he'd left on Saturday and it was NOT like that. I said I wanted to speak to Dennis which was the guy I always talked to on the phone and he dials a number continuing to say he's not going to fucking argue with us and then practically throws the phone at me.  The person on the line was not Dennis, it was the actual owner, who knew nothing about my car because he'd been out of the office with his dad having a stroke.  He said the guy (who by now had walked away) had called him and said he was going in on Sunday to do a little work on the car.  It took every ounce of energy I had to not just explode at this guy, seriously.  I told him about how rude this punk kid was to the customers, about how I'd been lied to at least twice this week alone, and now I can't have my car taken somewhere else to get it worked on because it's all torn apart.  I told him I had a job coming up that required my car and it'd already been sitting here for over a month with no progress. 

In the end the owner told me he'd call the machine shop and put a rush on my heads to have them done by Tuesday and that he personally would come down to the shop and fix my car up on Wednesday provided the heads were good.  If the heads aren't good it may take an extra day to get the new engine for my car to put that in for me.  I said well I don't really have a choice in this matter because it's not like I can just tow my car off but that I, under no uncertain terms do not want that punk kid to touch my car at all.  I don't even want him to get in it to move it.  Nothing.  He also said he'd do it for pennies on the dollar instead of charging me as much as it was supposed to be.

Have I mentioned I hate mechanics?  >.>

Anyway, so weight loss is good, car not so much.  Here's to hoping I get this job!

Until next time.

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