Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good morning!

So I'm back from my morning walk.  I walked by myself today, D started having a huge leg spasm at some point yesterday and so his leg is really sore.  I decided to give him the day off.  Myself, I had a leg cramp yesterday right when I woke up, you know the kind where your whole leg tries to curl up on itself and hurts SO bad?  Yeah that's the kind.  So needless to say I had a banana yesterday and this morning, potassium might be low.  Ain't anymore!  lol.  I walked anyway yesterday, even though the leg was a little sore, seemed to help.  It wasn't hurting the rest of the day but then this morning ugh my leg hurt!  Regardless, I got up and did my walk this morning.  I walked around our block twice, took a little over half an hour.  I also shocked the pool and in about an hour I'm going to go back out and skim off the bugs (thanks to the kids that decided leaving the light on all night would be a good idea) and get in the pool for some swimming exercise. 

I am sticking on plan.  I've been up both days this week at 6am to do my exercise.  I've also been eating well and not overeating or snacking on sweets etc.  I eat cereal generally for breakfast, sometimes a half a bagel, other times a couple of packets of oatmeal.  Lunch is generally large because I'm trying to get ready to work over the dinner hour so I need to eat a bigger lunch and smaller dinner.  Then dinner is generally small.  Yesterday I made mini pizza's with an English muffin, sauce, a little meat, cheese and some mushrooms.  Wasn't bad at all.  Tonight I think I am going to make some chicken, need to get some propane for the grill.  Hard to grill chicken if your grill is out of propane rofl.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Until next time.

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