Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ugh mornings kick my...

I dislike mornings.  I really do.  I am not a morning person in the least.  However, I'm happy to say that I have been 100% successful in getting my fat ass out of bed every morning this week by no later than 6:15 and getting out there walking as soon as I'm dressed.

In fact, this morning, I walked down to Broadway and around back to my house.  That's quite a walk.  Broadway happens to be halfway between here and Shell, which, if you remember, I posted last week I walked to and it totally kicked my rear.  So I'm working up to being able to walk there this coming end of the month to assess how much better I am getting fitness wise. 

See, this is what I'm doing.  Last week was a total bust.  I started off strong but ended up sicker than a dog for reasons beyond my control that had nothing to do with my weight loss.  It happens.  I accepted the fact that it royally screwed the pooch for me to start gungho like I wanted to.  The first day was just a get up and get moving day.  The second day D pushed me really hard to see how far was borderline too much for me.  We decided that we'd walk to Shell, which is quite a ways, a good 3 miles away one way.  Needless to say I was a puddle by the time I got home.  Yes, I made it but fuck if I wasn't dying by the end of my walk.  That afternoon my fever started, so I couldn't really walk anymore that week.  I did get in a couple of walks over the weekend, but that was out of necessity not necessarily because I wanted to.  Weekends are my "rest time" where if I go for a walk, fine, if not, that's fine.  I usually end up with exercise anyway because I do housework, yard work, pool time, so on and so forth all throughout the weekend.  This weekend, for example, we plan on going to the nearby waterpark.  So I'm sure I'll get some exercise there too.  If I take a day off during the week for some reason, I may pick up a day on the weekend, but I haven't decided yet.

This week I've been working on finding that "perfect" walk path to take that is enough to make me feel it, but not so much that I am dying by the time I get home.  I started off doing 2 blocks Monday, moved it to two laps of 2 blocks around my house Tuesday, was going to try to do more on Wednesday but I had to take my car in to get checked, so I couldn't ended up just doing 2 blocks twice like Tuesday.  Then today I walked to Broadway, around and then back down to our house and that was as perfect as it gets.  By the time I got home I was sweating, breathing heavier than normal, and my legs felt quite a bit like jello.  So I'll do it again tomorrow to finish out the week and do it for the next week or two or three until I feel like I'm adjusting to it then add a streetlight to my walk which would be basically the length to shell and back.  Out here there's lots of side streets that I refer to as "blocks" and then major intersections that have lights which are the "light blocks".  Broadway and around to our house again is a "light block".  It in corporates like 6 or 7 of the smaller blocks. 

So there's my plan, and hopefully by the 26th I'll have lost some weight, and on the 27th I'll be able to do my own little physical assessment and see I'm doing better overall.  :)

Until next time!

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