Monday, August 9, 2010

A review of my accomplishments and a look ahead...

So, it's Sunday!  End of the week for me, new week starts tomorrow both at work, at home, and on the weight loss front.  I figured I'd take the time, then, to review my accomplishments and look to next week at what I expect to do.

First of all, I got up every day this week, Monday through Friday and walked.  Some days were lighter than others but the fact remains that I exercised 5 times this week!  That was my goal and for the first time in a long time I finally met it.  So I'm really proud of myself :)

I found my "perfect walk" pattern in the area.  I also used the car to figure out roughly how long of a walk it is.  It's about 2 miles.  That's pretty damn good to be walking every morning which is what I'm going to be doing ^.^  Right now it takes me almost an hour to walk that far.  Kind of slow, but my plan is to walk it faster within a month and then I'll look into expanding my walking area.

I have stayed off the scale since the 26th of July.  No peeking for me, not bad for a girl that usually weighs every day.

I found and purchased some supplies for my weight loss.  I had no real shorts or anything to walk in, just a couple of pairs of jean shorts and I was using my normal shirts thus running out of anything to wear rather quickly.  So I bought a few pairs of cloth shorts (size 20 mind you! I wore 26 or 24's when I started all this.  Granted, they are the stretchy cloth type but still!) and a headband to keep sweat out of my eyes so I can stop wearing a baseball cap.  Now I can walk in my new cloth shorts and a tank top.  Don't like it don't look is my motto.

I have stayed relatively on plan for eating.  That's not to say I haven't enjoyed eating out now and again but I've done so in such moderation my mother even wondered who I was and what I did with her daughter.  For example, D had a hankering for Taco Bell.  I had 2 hard shell tacos, that's it.  That's coming from someone that could easily eat 6 to 8 of those things.  Similarly when D wanted Wendy's (he's having a bad week from nightmares, so I'm not saying much about his eating out), I passed on eating there and ate chicken at home with some veggies instead.  Friday we got home real late, and stopped at Jack in the box, I ate half my teriyaki bowl and saved the rest for later, warming up some veggies to go with it.  All the other nights of the week we've ate at home and I've been eating whatever we make in moderation then too.

Finally I have completely given up caffinated beverages.  I've had one or two sprites this week but that's it.

So let's now look at the week ahead for what I want to accomplish.

I want to walk my perfect walk route all 5 days this week.  It'll be hard, my route is not easy for me.  It's all flat yes, but 2 miles is a long walk for me.  I will push myself to walk it all 5 days.

I want to continue to not drink caffine.  I've done good so far, but after a couple of weeks you end up with a craving, yeah that's the one i want to avoid...

I want to eat at home more.  It's hard for dinner, for me, to eat at home because I'm just getting home about 7:30 or 8pm and I'm usually really hungry and anything sounds good.  So I need to eat dinner at home more, even if I have to make it early in the day and warm it up when I get home.  I'd like to eat dinner at home Monday through Friday at least 3 times this week.  Weekends I don't count as part of my "goal week".  Don't get me wrong, I don't go gung-ho crazy eat whatever I want.  But those are my relax and rejuv days.  So if we do go out because we decided to go to dinner and a movie?  good!  lol.

Anyway that's that, I'm going to skeedadle outta here.

Until next time.

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  1. Just wanted to say I love your determination! I must try to be more disciplined. I know if I don't walk or exercise first thing in the morning, I'll always find other things to do. It starts the day well! Sounds like you are all geared up to follow a plan. Getting the evening meal right can often be tricky too if you come in late, but you are covering all the bases and thinking about the obstacles before they pose problems. Well done you! :)