Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do you hear that?

No?  Neither do I!  What do you mean, you ask?  I mean, mom's gone with the kids and it's...quiet...  LOVE IT!  lol.  Mom left yesterday late evening for the airport to go to IL so it's just me and D again.  Nice and quiet.  I mentioned mom had a treadmill, I started using it today.  I told myself I wouldn't mess with it until mom left.  I'm too much of a pansy ass.  I don't like anyone, not even D watching me work out, or being awake when I do so.  I guess it's the way I make my excuse to not do it.  But regardless, yesterday I'd bought a mat for the floor cuz mom has tile flooring to do stretches on before walking on the treadmill as a warm up.  I also bought some free weights but I'm going to take them back, mom has the same ones so no need for 2 pairs for now.  I am on a budget afterall, no job kinda does that to you.  

So this morning I woke up, drank a diet dew and hopped on the treadmill after stretching.  5 minutes at 1.5 as a warm up walk, 20 minutes at 2.5 and 5 minutes again at 1.5 to cool down.  I'm telling you what, that kicked my ass from here to Australia!  Not like omg I'm going to die, but I probably could have quit after 15 minutes at 2.5 but I wanted a flat 30 minute work out.  Mom also has a stair stepper thing, I may try that too as something different, along with some weight lifting stuff.  

So day 1.  Fresh start, and a serious one at that.  I was ready when I restarted posting but with some stuff that got thrown in my way I wasn't really able to put my heart into it.  But now I have time (ain't that a joke, not like I have anything else to do atm!), and the want to lose some weight.  Mom's going to be gone, I'm going to try to find a job, and exercise will do me good.  I want, hopefully, to get down into the 250's by the time I go to IL (provided I can go), or by the time she gets back if I don't go to IL because of a new job.  Shouldn't be completely undoable.  Mom wanted me to try to get down to like 230 but I think that's unrealistic.  That'd be like 20 pounds a month, it'd be nice, but I don't think it's realistic.  

Anyway.  So here's what happened today for me.  

9am Awoke
9:40am: Breakfast (2 packages of maple and brown sugar oatmeal)
10 to 11am worked out.  30 minutes of treadmill with some good 10 to 15 minutes of stretching before and after.
11 to 12 played a new video game I bought yesterday real cheap.  Enjoying it :)
12 to 3 cleaned house and lunch was in there somewhere.  The house was clean when mom left, but not "clean" to my specs.  I swept, mopped, did dishes from the night before's dinner, wiped down a bunch of stuff, vacuumed, really scrubbed down the bathrooms, and so on.  My lunch consisted of a low fat frozen dinner I found tucked away in mom's freezer.  Beef and Broccoli with rice.  Wasn't half bad.  
4 to 7 I continued my cleaning and about 5 or so I rearranged the bedroom we're staying in.  (I did say I was busy all day today right?).  I moved the bed, the desk, went out to the shed and got an old side table for next to the bed, put the 27 inch tv up on the desk so we can watch tv, hung up ALL the clothes, rearranged everything in the closet so it wasn't just thrown in there out of the way and so on.  So much done!
7pm I realized what time it was and made dinner.  We had well trimmed steak with some mashed potatoes, a little gravy (well, little for me, D had however much he wanted), and I had some more broccoli with mine.  
And now it's 11:23pm and I'm tired. 

I plan on tomorrow getting up and walking again, and umm...going shopping I guess.  We have some food in the house, but not really.  The only meat here is pork for some reason lol.  So I need to get some chicken and some beef and such.  Veggies, fruit as a snack and some low fat popcorn stuff.  I love snacking.  I also need more water (I'm drinking it like crazy!) and a case of soda for dinner meals would be nice.  

So that's that.  Not a bad day for my day 1.  I still can't find my scale :(  I'm still looking though!  :)

Until next time.

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