Friday, June 11, 2010


So I hadn't really hopped on a scale much in the past couple of days, since my last posting of what I weighed really.  Life has been a little hectic, I've been keeping the house clean, driving all over the Eastern Phoenix Metro area looking for work, going to interviews, so on and so forth, and really watching what I eat.  I've worked out 2 times this week (today will be the third) by walking on the treadmill, and I did a couple of stretching/weight lift days with 3 pound weights because my back has been really stiff.  It's not too bad when walking around after my initial get out of bed, but man if I sit down for any extended period of time my back is like WTF ARE YOU DOING?!  >.<  So annoying. 

Most of my interviews have involved being out and about most of the day, mostly because it's like a 20 minute drive there, a 30 to 40 minute interview and then I usually find a couple of places nearby before I go that I can go put an application in.  So I'm generally gone from 10am to about 3pm each day, over lunch joy right?  I try to combat the whole not able to eat lunch at lunch time problem by taking some snacks with me.  A large banana, a stick of string cheese, maybe a little thing of yogurt, even some low fat crackers once.  About 300 to 400 calories worth of snacks that are good for me and provide me with protein, fruit portions for the day nothing that will throw me off my weight loss.  Yesterday I ran out of these good for me snacks and had an interview that took me over lunch and omg I was starving when I got home.  Instead of having like 400 calories worth of food to munch on throughout the time period I had only a banana which I promptly scarfed at noon after my interview.  So by the time I got home it was 3pm and my stomach hurt so bad I thought I was going to throw up.  And I knew that the only stuff I had at home to eat was stuff that would take 20 or 30 minutes to cook so I stopped and got a Teriyaki Bowl from Jack in the Box.  A bit heavy on the carbs side but calories and fat wise acceptable.  So my new note to self is don't run out of the snack stuff!  lol.

I digress.  I saw a number today that I haven't seen in a good year or so.  270.  Woah, say what?  270 you say?  And this wasn't on my scale folks, this was on my mom's scale which told me I was at 277 when I started earlier this week.  Huzzah!  Yes, 7 pound loss seems a little extreme but honestly I can see it happening.  Some of it is water weight I'm sure.  The week prior to starting over my food intake was pretty much just fast food.  From moving there's no time or real ability to cook food.  You're so tired from packing boxes and loading the truck that someone says cooking and you say fuck you man!  Then when you're on the road you don't exactly have the ability to pull over and cook a good for you meal, nor really pick and choose where you eat as you drive through a town.  You find a place and you eat there.  That's all there is to it.  Then when I got here it was pretty much the same, we're unloading boxes and unloading the truck and getting things we need before my mom leaves and so on.  So I can imagine that my salt intake for the week prior was through the roof causing me weight gain because of water retention. 

Fast forward to this past week.  I've worked out, I've stayed within 1600 to 1800 calories on all days but one, and I've drank a TON of water, more than I have in quite a long time.  Still drinking soda but I only drink one or two cans per day and the rest of my fluid intake, especially while on the road has been water.  This is anywhere from 2 to 4 bottles a day average.  So I'm flushing all that salt out of my system, plus I'm working out and eating better.  I gave myself a range of calories for a reason.  I know some people are like 1700 and that's it!  Well, I like a range better.  Looking at my fit day, which is where I put all my information food wise in, every day except Saturday I have eaten anywhere from 1600 to 1700 naturally, generally right around 1650.  That extra 1 to 200 calories I use as my "snack calories".  You know, that time of night at like 8pm when you're roaming the cupboards looking for something because you have the munchies?  I generally don't give in, but I have that choice without feeling depressed that I decided to have a cup of popcorn or a frozen treat.  It's hot here.  It's 110 during the day and like upper 80's lower 90's at night.  Being overweight in such heat sucks balls but until I get my weight down, all I can do is suffer through it and who doesn't like a nice frozen treat?  I found my favorite frozen treat, even better than Weight Watchers ice cream: Frozen fruit bars.  100% fruit in a frozen treat form.  LOVE IT.  It's ice cold, and very few calories, 80 in the strawberry ones.  And fat free to boot.  Much better choice than Dairy Queen Ice Cream.  That's what my life is about right now, moving more and making better choices.  I'm not going to deny myself something in my life just because I'm supposed to be losing weight.  I'm not going to say "sorry chubby you're losing weight, no frozen treat for you!", I'm going to have a frozen treat, just choose one that's better for me than some 500 calorie blizzard. 

So I must say, this week was a winner in the weight loss.  Tomorrow is the official weigh in.  Maybe I'll see a 269 instead of 270 eh?  :)  So...

Until next time!

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