Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 2!

Still going strong!  I made it to the store today and got some good food.  Only "splurge" purchase I made was some weight watchers ice cream.  Sorry when it's 108 degrees outside sometimes you just NEED some cold ice cream so I may as well make it as not evil as possible right?  Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bar > Large Dairy Queen Blizzard in the calories department.  >.>  I got some more breakfast stuff, another case of water, the makings of spaghetti, lasagna, Chicken Kabobs, as well as some fresh corn on the cob, fruit, veggies you name it!  Some good food right der! 

And for the second day in a row, I walked on the treadmill.  I think it kicked my ass more today than yesterday but that's probably due to being so sore from yesterday.  I'm sure each day will get easier.  I just need to keep at it!  Yesterday I came in at 1653 calories which isn't half bad.  I do need to drink more water though.  :)  Today I'm at 1185 calories as of 4pm, so dinner may push me to 1700 or so.  But that's fine.  As long as I'm under 1800 I'm happy.  I want to do a couple of weeks at 1600-1800 just to see how much weight I lose.  I wasn't hungry I feel a little hungrier but I did 26 minutes at 2.5 speed instead of 20, and I was outside for a while this morning as well as this afternoon when I went to the store and walked around the store for almost 2 hours.  So I think between reducing my intake and the increase in general movement this weekend I'm feeling more hungry.  Or maybe I'm just thirsty and don't know the difference.  We'll see.  But regardless, my goal is below 1800, increase veggies and fruit intake and drink more water.  I DID buy soda today but I've restricted myself to one can in the AM and one can at dinner time.  The rest of the day I drink water, mostly because I don't want to get dehydrated from not being used to the heat here.

But anyway, I'm off to go watch a movie, I deserve some down time now that I've done so much working out today and walking around.  Oh!  I also found my scale today!  I'll give you an update tomorrow!

Until next time!

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