Monday, June 14, 2010

And so it comes to this...

Ok, first of all.  I don't know how many people actually read my blog, if you do, great if not, that's fine.  This is my weight loss journey, and I babble on here about anything and everything.

I didn't have it set to where I needed to moderate comments being left until I had several comments left by Kanji written names that were redirecting people to porn websites.  So I started moderating it because I do not condone comments left like that.  If you want to go to porn that's fine, but I am not going to allow such posts, kids may read these posts, including cousins of my own and that is not ok to me.

Now I'm getting spam commented to go to weight loss sights offering me the secrets to weight loss through Acai Berries and other crap.

Let me say this here and now:


I get excited when I get a comment.  Almost no one ever does comment, and that's fine.  I know some people prefer to read not post.  I'm also one of those.  But if you're going to leave a comment don't waste my time by offering me the secrets to fast weight loss or some porn shop.  I know the secrets to weight loss, I've just been too lazy all my damn life to do it!  And if I want porn I'm sure my boyfriend's computer has some layin' around and if I asked we could watch it together though I prefer the real thing.  >.>

So, that being said, if you read this to enjoy it, I thank you.  Carry on with your day :)

Oh and one little tidbit of information I found exciting today.  I inched every closer to that 270 mark.  I'm down to 270.2 today XD  SO CLOSE!  :)

Until next time.

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