Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a quickie.  I don't have much time, I'm running out the door to go to an interview in a few minutes.  I just wanted to post that I am still doing well and for the most part on target with my eating.  I've found that having just one brat doesn't work for me.  I managed to somehow say I'm only going to eat one....and have two.  Ugh, I went way over calories too, by about 300.  But such is life, and I didn't let it detour me the following day.  I did manage to find something on the menu of Jack in the Box that I found to be "acceptable" in fast food eating, their Teriyaki bowl isn't *too* bad, just full of salt.  But compared to a burger and fries or something along those lines I'll take it.  I'd planned on making food at home but realized after my interview yesterday that when I got home at 5pm I hadn't taken the hamburger or any chicken or really anything frozen out of the freezer.  Sigh!  So we went out to eat and I chose the lesser of the evils.  One step at a time...

I keep forgetting to get on the scale before I eat, so my weight is probably off but I came in at 273.4 this morning.  That was after breakfast (oatmeal and a banana!) and a full bottle of water so who knows.  I'll endeavor to get on the scale BEFORE I eat tomorrow to hopefully have a real weight.  >.<  Or maybe I'll wait until Monday.  I use Mondays as my traditional weigh in days because I'm less likely to go overboard on the weekends eating if I know that I have to weigh in on Monday mornings. 

Anyway I'm off, until next time!

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