Monday, May 31, 2010

Initial Move complete!

So after several days of craziness, my move is complete. We're not in Arizona. Wednesday I did a ton of running around, shutting off the electricity, talking to the landlord, getting some records together and so forth and so on. Thursday I had lunch one final time with my boss and the workers at work. Free food, so I couldn't complain. Then we got the truck and started hard core packing. We loaded some of the big pieces, like the couch, dresser ect into the truck to make it easier the next day, since it was after dark and much cooler when we were loading it. Then after it got too late to be tromping up and down the stairs D's parents went home and we continued to pack for about an hour before we were just too tired. 6am the next morning the two of us were back up packing again, and his parents showed up at about 8am and we finished packing, loading the truck and cleaning the apartment. Took us about 7 hours but the truck was completely packed. Stayed at D's parents that night and slept like a log, until the damn rooster woke us up at 4am rofl. Zoned residential yet someone buys a rooster, dumbasses seriously. Anyway.

So Saturday morning we hit the road at 7am and drove all day to get here, and got here at like 4 local time (5 mountain time where we were before). And SOMEHOW I managed to get severely sunburned by DRIVING A CAR! Jesus. I drove with the window down but I didn't have my arm in the window or anything, and when I got to AZ my arm was like a lobster. Still hurts like a bitch let me tell you. Sunday was spent unloading the car and having a good dinner with my cousin and her husband. Then today we're resting and taking the truck back to Budget to turn it in. Mom leaves on Friday to go to IL to visit family and that gives us her house to be in for 2 months before she gets back. D and I aren't unpacking anything really. The hope is that both of us find work within a couple of weeks and will be able to get our own place and therefore we don't want to unpack much of anything so that way we don't have to PACK much of anything when we go to move again. lol.

Anyway so that's that. I have no idea where my scale is so no weight probably this week until I can find it. I know where it is but I don't know where that bin went to right off hand so until I find it (which I will soon because there's a couple of other things I need to look through specific boxes for) I will post a weight.

My mom is also my new best friend, she's got a treadmill in the house. Can we say weight loss?! XD

Anyway I'm off.

Until next time.

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