Friday, July 2, 2010

Does this count?

Does clearing gravel (think old school yard type gravel) from a 25 by 25 foot area in 90+ degree heat count as heavy exercise?  rofl.  This pool better be worth it.  >.<

I've been clearing gravel all day, I got up at 7am, worked on it for about 3 hours, did some running around, went back out about 6pm and started back up again and it's now 8pm and I'm taking a much needed break.  Summer reminds you of just how shitty being fat really is let me tell you.  Hopefully this pool will help me change that.  Mom's been wanting one for a while so we offered to get it set up before she gets home.  I plan on using it to lose weight, the kids, of course, to play in and mom to lounge in.  To each their own right?  :)

But I just wonder, is it heavy exercise, moderate?  lol.  I want to be accurate in my fit day you see...

Until next time, provided I don't fall over from exaustion....

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