Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it possible?

Man.  I'm sore.  Not just sore, I'm SORE.  We're about halfway done with the gravel.  Sure, I cleared a lot yesterday, but today was really finishing the area I'd partially cleared the night before to move away gravel that I couldn't pick up with a shovel alone.

I saw a peek at the scale this morning, only barely cuz I had a hard time looking over my flab to see the scale cuz of how sore I was and it said 269.   horray!  Now to not have it go back up dammit would be nice lol.

So lots of more work out there done today.  We pulled apart the trampoline that's blocking the other half of the area we have to clear in order to be able to clear that area of gravel.  Got the pool and got it to our place, it's in the garage.  But it got extremly hot really quickly today.  Yes, I realize, summer, Phoenix area, hot!  But it was too hot to work out there, at least for me, by like 8:30am.  lol.  I'm a pansy ass.  Oh well, D's going to finish up the gravel tomorrow, or so he says :P  He wants me to do nothing but provide moral support.  I'm sure he can see how badly I'm hobbling around, I spent more time in bed today watching tv than I think I have in almost 6 months.  Last time I watched this much tv I was laid up with a sciatic nerve episode.  >.>

So I'm off to bed.  Sleep's been sporadic.  Yesterday after I worked on the yard for a while I thought I'd go to bed because I was really tired, but as soon as I laid down I couldn't really sleep, was too tired, or too sore or too something and couldn't sleep.  I didn't fall asleep until about 2am and got back up at 4.  Oh joy.  I took a short nap this morning but that's about it, so I'm going to go to bed now.  :)

Until next time! 

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