Saturday, July 24, 2010

So I'm still technically on vacation.  We leave to go back to Arizona I guess since it's after midnight here.  It's been busy to say the least.  I've had some really good times, a particularly shitty time and some ok times.  I've also made two rather life altering decisions, so bare with me while I spell this all out for all of you :)

First the good times.  My friend Cathy who I've known for 8 years now has come to hang with us oh...3 or 4 of the days we've been here with her baby Charli and her boyfriend (might as well be husband) John.  Her four year old Charli is such a cutie, love her to death.  She came over Monday evening and basically shot the shit with us, then again on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday and we went to the water park nearby on Thursday which by the way was another awesome time.  No kids, just 4 adults running around a water park having a BLAST.  Loved it!  We swam, we got drunk, we had a good time wherever we were for the most part.  I had some pizza and Candlelight Chicken and mmm food....

On the flip side I have had a particularly shitty moment while here.  My mom is ill, I've known it now for a while but didn't realize really how ill until we moved.   My mom is pretty good at hiding things as I found out Tuesday night.  Without going into detail, let's just say it can be fatal and leave it at that.  Regardless, that's not the shitty part.  The shitty part was that my friend Cathy (who is a huge family friend if you haven't figured it out and sees my mom as if she was her own more than her own mom if you catch my drift), and John and me and Don were all out playing fooseball however you spell it in the garage where we could drink and be loud without bothering people who were going to be sleeping soon.  My friend Cathy went inside to get something...oh, the Skipbo cards so we could all play cards and somehow probably corrupt it into some sort of drinking game knowing her.  Anyway, suddenly she comes FLYING out into the garage to tell me that my mom is on the floor.  I was like woah wtf!  Her kid went flying (thankfully the menfolk caught her) when I moved her evidently to stand up (I don't remember but they say she was airborn for a second or two).  We rushed into the kitchen where my mother was indeed on the floor, face down passed out.  That's not like my mom at all.  Scary thing was, we couldn't find a pulse and she wasn't breathing.  I had to call 911, move her to her back and only right before the paramedics got there did she start breathing...mostly when we turned her over.  They wanted me to do CPR but she started breathing before I had to get that far.  Anyway, point being, she was in the hospital much of that night, and it shot our original plans to go to the Water Park right outta the water and for good reason.  I'm trained as a medical professional but let me tell you I was still scared shitless, especially when I heard the words "She's not breathing and there's no pulse!"  So yeah, I must say that was a shitty thing to happen, but I'm glad I was here when it happened I must say.  I can't imagine being in AZ and her here and the complete helpless feeling I would've had.  Yes I felt helpless but at least I was THERE you know? 

Anyway, so good times, obviously one bad time.  But onward to my life changing decisions.

D and I have been dating for just over 2 years.  I've stood by him through thick and thin.  I've handled his PTSD, his ranting, and so forth.  He handles my craziness at times, my panic I have now and again and loves me regardless of my size.  We announced to my family this past week our desire to get married.  Well, he officially asked my mom permission (since my dad is no longer with us), and my aunt (who he knows is important to me) and then I got trounced on to set a date or something.  No ring yet, but that takes money and considered we're both unemployed our first step is to get employed and a place and then start with all the wedding stuff. 

Which brings me to my second life changing decision.  I have been trying to lose weight, and D wants to lose weight as well.  I told him I didn't want to be a fat woman in a wedding dress, and basically broke down and just bawled (it was Wednesday mind you I was already a bit emotional) when we were talking about what sort of wedding we want (OUTSIDE!! lol) and such.  So since he's wanting to lose and I really not only want to but need to for health reasons we decided to not only go into it together but to do it the only way he knows how...military style.  And I agreed.

Wait wait, before you go OMG DONT DO IT YOURE GOING TO REGRET IT !!!! 111 !!!....

He's got health issues as well as I do.  His knee doesn't allow him huge amounts of exercise, so we have to start slow and build up.  But he's going to get me going every morning except weekends, we're going to do our eating together and so forth.  But he's not going to take no for an answer and this is something I think I will not only benefit from but need as well.

Until next time :) 

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