Thursday, July 15, 2010


A quick note before I jet for 10 days.  We're leaving to go to Illinois, I'm going to visit family, enjoy some friends from back east before I moved west, and go to a family wedding.  My newest low is 265.  I'm hoping to cut that down even farther by the time I come back. 

It's been a crazy week.  I've cleaned, I've put up a pool, I've swam in said pool today and got sunburned for it (stupid sun!), I've gone through part of a garage putting things away, getting rid of papers we don't need, and so on.  I've been so busy!  If you had told me when I lived in Los Alamos I'd be this active I would've laughed at you and said get real!  Scary thing is, when my mom gets back from IL (she comes back the day after we do), I'll be even MORE active.  I'm trying to get my mom to stay outta bed all damn day and go out and do.  She's got some depression going on, losing my dad, losing her father 2 years later, being away from family, not having me around (until now), losing her job, it's taken its toll.  So now that I'm out here I plan on being active, doing things outside even in the dead of heat.  I've found 20 minutes outside doing something even in the heat is ok, so long as I do it in moderation, or take a dunk in the pool after :)

Anyway, so as the title says, this blog shall be quiet until I get back.  So until I get back, have a good one :)

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