Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1

Ok, so day 1 was...well...a little bit of a flop.  Not for lack of trying but because of what day it is.  Today is D's birthday, so needless to say the day was filled with some exercise (more on my part than his), but also some uber good food (and fattening!).  Regardless I got many of the things accomplished that I wanted to today, in the weight loss department...

I woke up at 5:45 and went for a walk about 6:15am.  Yes, that early.  >.>  We walked around the block once.  Just once.  Basically trying to get ourselves used to getting up and exercising that early, seeing how much D's knee can take (it was hurt in the war), and such.  I had a sensible breakfast of oatmeal.  Next he went back to bed (Jerk!  Think it was his birthday or something!) while I went outside and mowed the little lawn my mom has, picked up stuff to put it into the garbage to go out today, shredded some papers, and then got in the pool for about 2 hours.

This evening we went to a mexican restraunt to eat, had some damn good food and came home and go back in the pool for about 2 hours again.  I'm tired.

Tomorrow we're going to the store, D and I, to get food for the house.  So our "good" eating starts tomorrow.  Joy right?  :)

And tomorrow is work out day number 2, involving non-cardio work outs or so D says.  O.o

Off to bed, early to rise tomorrow!

Until next time.

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