Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another official weigh in come and gone...

You know, when you're unemployed, all your days run together.  It's like being on summer vacation as a kid.  You wake up in the morning and have no real idea what day it is.  You get up at whatever time you want, and go to bed at whatever time you want and do whatever you want for the most part in between.  My days typically lately have involved getting up at around 8 or 9am, eating breakfast as soon as my feet hit the floor, then putzing around outside until about 10 when it gets just way too hot to be doing any work out there.  I've been trying to get my mom's back yard to be a paradise instead of just a back yard.  And by doing all this work in the back yard, I've lost weight.  We'd hired a guy to get rid of all the weeds and stuff in the front yard and mow the law and what not, trim the bushes, you get the idea, back in like the middle/end of June.  He was supposed to come back in 2 weeks to mow the lawn again etc.  Well needless to say, he never showed up, my cousin called me for my number to give to him because he said he lost it, but he still hasn't called.  So I took it upon myself to mow the little lawn (it's pathetically small really, took about 30 minutes tops), trim the edge, rake a little bit of weeds out of the way, and of course we're putting that pool up.  No, it's still not up, it's just been so damn hot out there.  We're at the leveling the ground part now though.  Holes are all filled, we're just trying to get the ground to where it'll be level, which requires bags of sand, which I can't really lift myself, and even if I could get the sand into a wheel barrel, and shovel it out of there my leveling skills leave something to be desired.  And while I may be willing to go out there in the dead heat of 110 degrees and work until a bag of sand is laid, take a break in the AC for 20 or 30 minutes rinse and repeat, D is not.  So since I can't do it myself (unlike like the rocks, and the filling of the holes, and so on and so forth that I have done completely on my own), and I have to rely on him helping I'm at a stand still.  Needless to say it's frustrated the fuck out of me.  I was hoping to get the pool up, filled, treated and swim in it for like a week before the kids got home.  I'll be lucky if it's up filled and treated before we leave at this rate  /sigh. 

Anyway, the point of my rambling is that I have been basically forgetting to weigh in.  When I first started all this up again the beginning of June I was like...weighing myself daily.  Then when I started that fail job that I quit 2 weeks later, I didn't weigh myself at all, and while I maintained I didn't lose.  So I've been kind of seeing a pattern.  When I weigh in every day I get frustrated and don't understand why if I'm working out and eating right my weight will go up one day and down the next and up the next and down the next after that!  But when I don't weigh in at all I end up gaining little by little because I don't feel like I have the scale to have to report to, so I never see the result of my good or bad eating habits.  If I weigh in weekly I seem to do better but then I obsess over "Has it been a week yet?!" because I want to see where I'm at.

So I've come to a conclusion.  I will weigh when I feel like it.  I had my official weigh ins on Fridays because that was when I started in June.  But today is Saturday and yesterday I didn't weigh in and today I did.  So today's my official day....for this week :P  And today's weight is 266.2  Couldn't be happier.  :) 

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some lights to hang around the back yard and some sand to see if I can struggle to put down in the pool area.  My only concern is what am I going to do for exercise once this is all finished?  lol.

Until next time.

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