Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some notes from the weekend

So first of all, I'd committed to participating in the 5k from the Anti-Jared blog. Happy to announce that I walked it this morning, real early. So that's a big checkmark for me today!

Second, some general notes of things I noticed this weekend.

1) When the boyfriend buys you a bag of your favorite chips, don't feel you have to eat them. I ate an entire bag of Sour Cream and Onion Lays over the course of the weekend. Not happy. His heart was in the right place, but when I said "Hon, get me some snack popcorn" somehow he twisted that into "Get me some chips!" >.> Anyway....

2) When you decide to go on an impromptu walk. Check to make sure you have tennis shoes on. I decided that beyond my 5k this morning, when I went to go do the laundry I would try to make up for the whole bag of chips fiasco. So I put my clothes in the washer at the laundry mat and walked to the store to get something to drink rather than buy a soda there or drive. Yeah, great idea, until I got about half way there and wondered why my feet hurt. Realized I had flip flops on. Ugh.

3) Vitamin Water which is supposedly "good for you" flavored water....yeah it's got 150 total calories in it if you drink the whole thing. So guess what, that walk I did to the store? Yeah taken up by that stupid water. Lesson learned.

4) Moving mounds of stuff around in your closet and walking up and down the stairs multiple times to take trash out IS exercise when you're 273 pounds. I don't care what anyone says, I was not only out of breath, but I was sweating profusely by the time I got my closet cleaned out. Kthxbai!

5) I'm ready for a nap after all this weekend excitement and next weekend will be even more jampacked!

That's it, no more notes. I'm actually really excited about this work week, not because I have to go back to work tomorrow, but because I'm hoping to get that phone call that says "We want you to move to AZ and work for us". If I didn't mention it, and I do sometimes forget to, I had a job interview on Tuesday of last week, and the lady I talked to sounded really enthused. I took some test that she sent as the next step of the interview and she said she was forwarding me on to the doctor. So I'm really hopeful that they'll hire me so I can move out that way. If by some miracle that does happen, this weekend will get a whole lot busier because I'll have to work on packing some stuff up to take with us to my mom's since we're supposed to be going to visit this weekend. I'm also hoping to find something while my mom's gone from June 4th to the end of July. Because then I can move into her place and stay there for free while she's gone and house sit for her, and that gives me extra time to get a place. Not that I couldn't move out there when she's there, but moving into her 3 bedroom place when there's already 3 people there makes it a little ... cramped...

Anyway, so I'm off. I have a couple things to get done before bed tonight, and I am tired enough that going to bed early may not be a bad idea.

Until next time!

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