Tuesday, May 11, 2010

86 Weeks is that all?

So we finally got word on J, she's still in ICU but they're going to move her down to a regular room for a couple of days today or tomorrow then to a Psych unit for eval and such. I hope she takes this second opportunity she's been given at life and does something with it. Sounds like she's going to be ok. Which is good, cuz I wanna see her when I go to IL to visit in July.

Now, onto less depressing things! I got this program that a personal trainer from the Y suggested I use when I said I wanted to do some food logging but really hated the clunky feeling of the online ones. It's called FitDay and they have an online log, but they also have a computer program that you can download (relatively cheaply I might add) and if you're so inclined, you can link the two so that if you're not at home, or near your computer but you eat something, you can write it down. So, for example, if I am at work and I eat a cookie, I can log onto my account online and put it in my log, then when I get home, I can upload that data to my computer program and it'll be there. I also like the expanded charts feature of the program. But I digress. I didn't start that paragraph as a product review, in fact, I get nothing out of any sort of review, I just really like the program. :)

Anyway, so on to what I was trying to say from the get go. When you start the program up it asks you the usual customary questions, how tall are you, how much do you weigh, what's your age, and what weight goal do you want (should you want to use that feature and since I do...well I did!). Anyway so I put in some research time last night (!) trying to figure out how many calories I should be eating. I landed on 1700 to 1800 goal calorie intake. Provided I stayed in that range, it would put me at losing about 2 pounds a week. Totally doable. Anyway, so I put that figure into my program and it said that by eating 1800 calories per week I would be my goal weight in like 85.6 weeks or some oddball number. So we'll round it to 86 weeks. At first I was like ugh so long, but then, realistically that's not that long! That's a year and a half. Little over a year and a half, whatever.

At first I was lamenting how long it would take, but then I realized something. My weeks go incredibly fast. Monday is barely here and it then Thursday comes which starts my weekends, and then no sooner is Thursday over and it's Monday again. So realistically it shouldn't take as long as it feels like it should take. Even if it isn't a steady 2 per week (I know, it won't be, don't worry I'm not being unrealistic here. lol), it won't feel like it is taking forever. And once I start losing I'll be able to be more active, or so I hope :) My other biggest hope is to be able to move out near my mom and the kids in Arizona. Why? My mom likes to go for evening walks, she's pretty active on the weekends when she doesn't have the kids around, going to flea markets, rummage sales, and so on. Something that we can do together that gets us out of the house and such.

When I first told D I wanted to move out there he was all "Ok, that's fine...but won't your mom be over all the time?" No....I mean yes, but not really. She'd probably be over for dinner or to pick me up to go do something but to stay extendedly for more than an hour or so prolly not. Just not how she rolls. Hell I lived 5 minutes from her when I lived in Sterling and she never came over much then. Of course she couldn't stand my boyfriend I had then either sooo that could be a mitigating factor there lol :P She aboslutely adores D so that won't be a factor when we move out that way, but damn finding a job out there sucks donkey...uhhh right!

Anyway I should probably get back to work. It's almost 9am and I've done nothing but blog and answer the occassional phone call since 7:30 this morning lolol.

Until next time!

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